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Super Blanky

Super Blanky® is created with an incredibly unique patented design that turns a blanket into a wearable superhero cape without the restriction of a neckband. The sleeves allow the wearer to play superhero or cozy up with the blanket wrapped safely around their shoulders and for extra super fun all of our blankets come with a coordinating superhero mask!

It’s like cuddling in a giant comfy, confidence cape. What’s your SUPERPOWER?

How To Wear A Super Blanky®!

Simply slip your arms through our patented “sleeves” so Super Blanky® stays put. The perfect safe alternative to a neck strap with no fasteners, and nothing to come loose. Our one of a kind design is ideal for cozying up to read and stays perfectly in place while flying off to fight villains.

Discover your personal superpowers wrapped up in a Super Blanky®.

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