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Stylish Wardrobe Ideas for Busy Ladies

Just because you’re busy with work, family,chores and other responsibilities doesn’t mean that you have to neglect yourstyle and looks. After all, with the right pieces and outfits, you can easilyput together something nice, professional and stylish in the morning, even whenyou don’t have much time. In that sense, you want to organize your wardrobewith proper must-have items that pair easily with one another.

Stockup on basics

First things first – you need your basics.These are crucial for every busy lady, especially when it comes to effectiveand effortless layering. That said, make it a point to look for tops andbottoms that suit your figure and fashion sense the most. Basics are simple andplain, so don’t think too much about the pattern – opt for solid colorsinstead. White and black are great but you can always add more color with olivegreen, maroon and deep turquoise, as these shades are really trendy andstylish. When your bottoms are concerned, basics should include top-qualityleggings and tights, as well as flatteringand versatile dark denim jeans.

Alwaysbe stylish in a dress

A dress offers a complete look without mucheffort, which is perfect for busy ladies who want to look fabulous. What’smore, if you know your size and what you like, you won’t even have to wastetime shopping around since you can easily order from an online fashion boutiqueand continue with your tasks. Essentially, stick to the dress design that youfind flattering and comfortable on yourself. Regardless of whether this may bea wrap dress, an A-line cut, a bodycon or something completely different, youcan always look stylish and, more importantly, thanks to the basics mentionedearlier, you can also add necessary layers for warmth.

Investin your go-to outerwear

Different seasons will require differentkinds of outerwear. In that respect, it would be best to invest in just thosepieces that will definitely make you look stylish and put together whenever youreach for them. A classic wool coat and a trench coat are timeless and canelevate any outfit. Also, get yourself a fitted blazer and a leather jacket formilder temperatures. When it’s really cold, opt for one warmer coat-likejacket. Also, don’t forget about a couple of light cardigans when you just wantto add an extra layer. Thanks to the right outerwear, you won’t have to dwelltoo much on what to wear.

Knowyour staples

Dresses, basic tops and tees, jeans,leggings and outerwear are all important, but you’ll also need more staplegarments for your stylish and quick everyday looks. With that in mind, makesure that you have at least two pairs of pants and two more formal skirts thatcan be used for both work and some special occasions. Also, you can never gowrong with button-down shirts and blouses, and these are very easy to mix andmatch, too. What’s more, a couple of lighter knit sweaters will come in handyfor layering during the winter months; if you really want to make things easyfor yourself, opt for those in solid colors without overly extravagantpatterns.

Theright footwear is key

Aside from clothes, you’ll also need theright pair of shoes to complete your stylish outfits quickly. In case you oftenget busy running around and doing errands, elegant loafers and ballet shoeswill definitely be the most effective choice. You can also choose elegant knee-highboots with a low-heel for the colder months. On the other hand, it’s importantto own at least one pair of classic stilettos where you can get away with highheels. If you really can’t do high heels yet need something more elegant, optfor a kitten heel.

One of the best wardrobe tricks that everybusy lady can benefit from is focusing on buying items made from wrinkle-freefabrics. That said, look for materials such as wool and knit, Tencel, spandex,polyester and cashmere. Then you won’t have to worry about wasting more time onironing the clothes or standing in front of your wardrobe forever, trying tofind items that aren’t wrinkled yet can be matched together well.


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