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Strategies to Help Your Kids Work Up to Their Potential

Your child is probably the center of your world and, as a parent, it’s only natural that you only want what’s best for them. This includes encouraging them and providing them with the proper guidance so that they can become the best version of themselves. So, how do you let kids stay kids for as long as possible, while doing whatever is necessary for them to reach their full potential? Here are some tips and ideas you should consider.

Motivate them

Once they start their formal education, children adapt to the new rhythm and the new system and they start doing exactly what they think is expected of them. This often means that all their learning becomes grade-oriented. Many kids believe that this is the best way to keep both their teachers and parents happy. It’s also common for children to study only to avoid being punished by you for getting a bad grade. That’s why you should start with examining your own attitudes, so that they can do the same with theirs. Explain to them, or show them in practice, that there is much more to learning than getting grades. Once they realize that learning helps them master new skills and that it gives them valuable practical knowledge, they’ll approach it with more zest, while reducing the stress and anxiety they often feel before taking tests.

Let them know it’s OK to seek help

No matter how young your child is, you should always talk to them, even when they’re too little to respond. Children whose parents talk to them a lot and listen patiently once they start talking back are usually more successful at school and in life. By listening attentively and not interrupting your child when they talk, you’re teaching them that their opinion matters and that they shouldn’t shy away from sharing their thoughts and ideas with others, or asking for additional explanations or help when there’s something that they don’t understand. Not all children can excel at everything, and it’s important that your child knows it. So, for example, if they have a problem with reading, writing or comprehension that you can’t help them with, you should get them private English tutoring to overcome these issues. Look for teachers who will create tailor-made programs for your child. It doesn’t even have to be one-on-one tutoring. You don’t want a teacher who will only be focused on your child if that means that they’ll do all your kid’s assignments for them, but rather a teacher who will push them to be more independent and self-confident while helping them with their curriculum.   

Give them more control

Those children who are taught responsibility from the earliest of age are more likely to acquire various organizational skills, which can make them more competent and boost their self-esteem. If you encourage them to perform as many of their tasks as possible on their own, they’ll learn not to rely too much on you or anybody else, but rather on themselves. It will make it easier for them to realize the potential they have and that they can reach it, which will inspire them to form good habits and think for themselves. Although it’s ok to be there for your kids if they experience any sort of difficulty at school or anywhere else, you should let them do their own homework, pack their own bag in the morning and set their own alarm clock in the evening, so that they aren’t late for school. And not only that. If they create their own working schedule, they’ll be more likely to stick to it.  Also, if they set their own goals and come up with good ways to reach them, they’ll set themselves on a good path to reaching their potential.

Praise them

It’s very important that your child knows how proud you are of them, so take every chance you get to tell them and show them so. It’s also crucial that you don’t only praise them for their successes, but also for every time they do their best and make a meaningful effort to achieve something. That way their self-esteem will grow and they’ll keep trying to try their hardest in every aspect of life. Teach them that not succeeding at something is simply a learning opportunity for the next time they’re in a similar situation. They should know that mistakes are simply a part of life and by no means signs that they’re incompetent or that they should be ashamed. You’ll achieve this by letting them know you’re proud of them when they pick themselves up and continue trying hard to reach their goals, instead of quitting after making a mistake. 

When you see your child struggling with something, it’s sometimes the easiest thing in the world to simply do that task for them. However, your job is to empower your child and make them more successful by showing them all the things they can do without anybody’s help. That’s why it’s essential that you find a balance between being there for your child and teaching them how to be more responsible.


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