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Storage Solutions That Make Sense

Look around your home and ask yourself whether you could stand to lose some of the clutter. If the answer is yes, then you need to invest in some new storage for the house. Clutter isn’t always rubbish – it’s the sentimental things we cannot let go of. It’s the toys that the kids haven’t quite grown out of and it’s the things we need but have no home for.

When you are arranging to pack up your home for a move, you suddenly see all the stuff in the house – stuff that was always there but that you just didn’t notice! The books stacked on the shelves that were out of the way and gathering dust. The letters that piled up in the drawers and the trinkets you’ve collected from holidays as souvenirs over the years seem to jump out at you and suddenly, packing just got ten times harder. Don’t worry though, there are storage solutions out there in the world – other than storing things that you don’t need or use straight in the bin and you can take your pick from the list below as to what will suit you best!

During the whole process of moving house, you’re going to come across a lot of sentimental items. Even before you start packing up your home, you’ll have people looking around as potential buyers and if the shelves are covered in trinkets, you could put people off simply by overcrowding the space you have. Making the choice to invest in self-storage before you’ve even got yourself to the new house is a good idea for the whole family. You need to be able to keep your bits and bobs somewhere safely out of the way so you can effectively sell your house and leave a good impression. Clutter does not leave a good impression, neither do the sixty fridge magnets you brought home from Spain!

The good thing to remember about packing up your home for viewings or the actual move, is that your moving company may be one of those that offers you storage solutions for the time you are in temporary accommodation before the actual moving day. Sometimes there is a gap between leaving one house and arriving at another, no matter how well you time it.

Invest in good, sturdy storage boxes. They don’t have to be cardboard or corrugated card, but strong plastic like these ones here. If you can’t minimise your clutter, then keeping it tidied away is the next best thing. Strong boxes with the right packing materials can ensure that you can keep your belongings packed away properly while you make decisions about what to move and when. You don’t have to choose straight away what you unpack, and the right type of boxes can mean the difference between excellent attic storage in a dry space, than a basement storage in a damp space.

Moving house is a stressful time and packing a house for people to come and view to buy just adds to that stress. Think ahead about your storage options so you can pack and move in stages, making it easier on you all.

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