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Stocking Stuffers: DISCEEZ flying discs

Worx Toys just reinvented “disc play” with eez. If you thought every flying disc was the same, think again. See and feel the new Disceez and realize how this new lightweight flexible flying disc just made a classic game of catch so much cooler and eez-ier.

Disceez is a soft silicone, portable flying disc that can be played indoor and outdoor. It’s specifically designed so that anyone can throw it accurately and catch it with ease due to a unique proprietary technology. Best of all they come in a variety of cool, collectible designs to match any personality and style.

“It’s the coolest thing to fling,” Gene Khasminsky, president of Worx Toys, said. “The best part about Disceez is that now anyone can play, anytime and anywhere. It’s the most versatile product we’ve ever created and it’s bringing a new level of excitement to disc play.

visit and interact with Disceez on Instagram and YouTube.

*A product was provided.

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