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Stay Active & Balanced This Summer

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Summer is one of our absolute favorite times of the year. Our entire family loves to get outside and have fun! We so far have spent a ton of time at the pool and I am continuing to work on me and get fit.

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With my family and I trying to stay fit, I have found that Balance Bars offer me just that extra “go” for the day. The Nalance Bar Bare Bars are so tasty.

You live every day to the fullest, so go ahead and take a break- you earned it! And throughout your activity-packed day, you deserve smart snack options that offer balanced nutrition with naturally energizing ingredients like nuts, real fruit and other whole foods to keep you going. Each crave-worthy Balance Bare  Nut Nutrition Energy Bar is made without gluten, soy or genetically modified ingredients. Balance feels good about making them. You’ll feel good about eating them.

If you are like me then be sure to also check out Gabby Reece’s quick and easy workout moves,

Balance Bars are available at Walmart.

Fuel up for all your busy summer days with @BalanceBar bare bars, available at @Walmart #BareAtWalmart http://bit.ly/1Thc37K

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