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While more than 80% of Americans have a cell phone, more than 10% do not. Give the dads and grads on your list the ability to stay connected affordably and dependably with new Common Cents Mobile prepaid service and handsets powered by Sprint.

It is the only pay-as-you-go service offering Round Down minutes, allowing budget-conscious consumers to pay only for the minutes they use – or less.  So if they are on the phone for one minute and 45 seconds, they are only being charged for one minute.  And with 7 cents per minute and 7 cents per text, day or night, this is a simple way to save time and money while staying connected.

Common Cents Mobile is perfect for those dads and grads on your list that seek ease and simplicity. Easy-to-use, affordable and stylish handsets include – voice mail, text messaging, caller ID – and range in cost from $19.77 to $69.77. Handsets and $20 or $30 refill cards are available at select Walmart locations, and nationwide at

I had the chance to try out the Common Cents program and the neat Kyocera S2300. The Kyocera S2300 comes loaded with helpful extras – Bluetooth, Mobile Web, Google Maps, and more. A full QWERTY keyboard makes text messaging a cinch, so it’s easy on your thumbs as well as your wallet.  I have a problem at my home where I get no service, so when I was able to use the Kyocera S2300 with Common Cents and have perfect service at home I was excited. I love how easy it was to activate the phone and use it. Of course it will take time to get to used to the phone, but the service is excellent.

*A product was received along with a refill card.

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