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Some Tips and Advice for Single Moms Who Want to Date Again

During the past two years, you’ve spent a majority of your time adjusting to being a single mom. You adore your kids, found a new job that you love, and have plenty of friends, so you feel pretty happy with your life, most of the time.

Lately, however, you’ve found yourself looking at cute guys at the grocery store and wondering if they’re single. After having an honest talk with yourself, you realized that, as scary as it may sound, you’re ready to get back into the dating game.

Fortunately, re-entering the dating world can be easier and more enjoyable than you may realize — especially when you keep the following tips, tricks and words of advice in mind:

Start Out Slowly

Using the “dating as a swimming pool” analogy, know that you don’t have to dive right in. Instead, give yourself permission to start out slowly and figuratively dip one toe into the water. For instance, one effective and time-efficient way to get back into dating is to create a profile on a dating app or website. 

Soon enough, you’ll connect or match with interesting men in an effort to establish whether they might be a good romantic fit. One advantage of online dating is that you’re in control. In other words, you can decide if and when to reply to certain people and who you might want to eventually meet in person.

Let Him Know About Your Kids

You might have a single mom friend who waited until the fifth date to tell her potential love interest about her kiddos — only to see him leave the restaurant in a huff. Frankly, you can understand his reaction. As such, make it a point early on to let any date know you have kids and that you and your son or daughter are a package deal (and well worth it, too!). Of course, if you go the online dating route, you can easily add this information to your profile and/or mention it during your initial few messages back and forth. 

Treat Yourself to Some New Clothes

There’s something incredibly empowering about wearing new clothes that help you look and feel your best. Whether you meet new romantic interests via Zoom calls or in-person dates, by all means, treat yourself to a new outfit or two, and if you prefer to wear makeup, take the time to put on cosmetics and do your hair. 

Additionally, remember what you’re wearing underneath your clothes can help you feel self-assured and sexy. So, as you’re shopping, spring for a beautiful bodysuit, garters, or other lingerie that will help you feel uber-confident as you get back into the dating scene.

Don’t Get Too Serious Too Soon

When you start dating again, strive to meet lots of guys and spend enough quality time together with each one to get to know each other. This “compare and contrast” method will allow you to truly tell who’s extra special and worthy of your time and commitment. Granted, if you were in a monogamous relationship for some time, it may feel a tad odd to be dating several men. But, unless you go out with a variety of guys, it can be difficult off the bat to see who’s a great match. Plus, meeting a number of guys will prevent you from committing too quickly to the wrong person.

Ultimately, You Deserve a Special Someone

While you’re definitely happy in life and don’t need a guy to complete you, it would be nice to have someone special around to enjoy things together. But by starting out slowly and avoiding a quick commitment, being honest about having children from the get-go, and treating yourself to new clothing and lingerie that makes you feel empowered, you should find that getting back into the dating game as a single mom is fun and fulfilling.

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