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Sleep Number AirFit Pillow

My husband is on his feet for 14 hours 9sometimes more) a day! Being a Chef is very strainious on the body adn when he comes home he is ready to crash. But even with how tired he is, he still is uncomfortable at night…..

That is until he started sleeping with the AirFit™ Adjustable Pillow Pillow by Sleep Number.

The AirFit™ Adjustable Pillow Pillow combines the support and comfort of air with the personalization of adjustability to provide the most individualized sleep experience possible. The AirFit™ Pillow features a uniquely adjustable air chamber at its core. It allows users to simply turn the dial located on the corner of the pillow, relax in their favorite sleeping position, and let the pillow adjust to their ideal level of support and alignment.

As soon as he saw the pillow he couldn’t wait for bed time. Apparently this pillow has been on his wish list for some time. He has been using it for a few weeks now and I asked him how his neck and back was in the morning and he told me it was like sleeping for a week. He couldn’t believe how good he felt and his neck didn’t have that “kink” in it anymore.

This to me is so important for anyone to get a goods night sleep. It’s important to use products that will help with your body’s alignment and not put anymore stress on the body. Sleep is a time for resting and rejuvenating. I think the AirFit™ Adjustable Pillow Pillow by Sleep Number is giving my Husband just that.

This pillow adjusts to your head and neck for a personalized sleep experience.


  • Control your own comfort with this adjustable pillow
  • Changes with you as your sleep needs change
  • Contour shape provides additional neck support
  • Gel-infused memory foam for a cooler, more comfortable sleeping temperature

The AirFit™ Pillow is available in three options so customers can choose based on sleep preference:

  • CoolFit™ Foam: Gel technology works within memory foam to create a cooler, more comfortable sleeping experience
  • Memory Fiber: Memory fiber provides improved air circulation to help prevent humidity and heat buildup
  • European White Goose Down: Resilient down clusters for exceptionally high loft and improved support for maximum comfort

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*A product was provided thanks to Sleep Number.

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