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We all know that kids now a days have a ton of toys, they are all into electronics and video games, high tech toys that grown adults can’t figure out but a five year old can….

but if you take them all away from the kids, they will find more mind stimulating things to play with.

Samantha found my labyrinth and is obsessed with it. She keeps getting all three balls to the center and starts over….

see who needs expensive toys to make a child happy!

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  1. I remember I was like this when I was little too. I had TONS of toys, but finding things in my mom’s closet was way more entertaining. Even if I didn’t know what I was doing with them, it was way more fun!

  2. My daughters favorite non electronic toy is a wooden puzzle. It comes in a wooden container divided into 2 compartments. One side has the puzzle boards and the other side has a bunch of wooden shapes. She is very good at puzzles and this is one of her favorites.

  3. How neat! I hope she plays with that thing for days. 🙂

    My brother got a toy similar to that (it had about 6 balls in & you had to put each ball into a hole… and keep them all there) It was tough and he worked on it several days before he finally conquered the puzzle!
    .-= Tarissa´s last blog ..Favorite Finds =-.

  4. I remember the little plastic ones in cereal boxes or Cracker Jack boxes. We use to play with them for hours.

  5. Children need time away from electronic toys to “discover” what they can do with more creative toys. Our little grandson creates wonderful things from a box of odds and ends of legos we bought feom Craig’s list at $2.00 a pound. I still like play dough (without the sets) and children can create so much just using their imagination.

  6. I love these kinds of games, they’re fun to pass the time and also help with hand-eye coordination skills.

  7. All my kids ever need for entertainment was cardboard box! Hehe!! Then they got older and much more expensive! LOL!!

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