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Shred Sled

The Shred Sled is the next generation caster board and first 4-wheel inline, dual-deck board.  Instead of pushing off the board like a regular skateboard, riders use their hips, legs and arms to move The Shred Sled, similar to movements used to propel surfboards and snowboards.  It really combines skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding into one unique sport. 

This 4-wheel, dual-deck carve board makes it SMOOTHER and EASIER to start carving up the streets. Its fun and much easier to control than older 2-wheel generation boards. It’s also great for strengthening the legs and waist muscles. The SHRED SLED is a fun way to exercise and gives you a feeling of carving like snowboarding and skateboarding.

Its easy to kick off and start getting speed. Its 4 wheels make it a much smoother ride. Plus, its much more durable because the decks are made of almost indestructible ABS material and the wheels last a long time.

The decks have a great grip surface to allow for better control and traction.

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