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Show Your Love For Your Children With These Gifts They Can Keep Forever

When you are expecting a new addition to the family, you will find that it is very easy to overspend on gifts, toys, and clothes for them. Having a baby is all very exciting – and you will feel exactly the same way whether it is your first child or your fourth! Every parent comes with a natural instinct to spoil their children and it can be very easy to go over the top without even realizing it. After all, who doesn’t want their little one to have the best of everything? However, sometimes we can get so caught up in the latest toys, treats and fashions for our kids that we end up with more stuff than we know what to do with. If you want something for your children that they will appreciate for years to come, and possibly something that they are going to pass down to their kids too, you will need to think of something really special. Often, these items can even become family heirlooms. Here are just a few of the things you may choose to pass down, or give to you children that they will be able to keep forever.

Personalized Gifts for Kids: I See Me Books

A birth year box

Feel like getting creative? Putting together a ‘birth year box’ for your child is a great way to commemorate the year they were born. Plus, it’s something they can look at in years to come and see how much the world has changed since they were born. Fill it with personal things from the first year of your child’s life – such as their first pair of booties, or their ultrasound scan. But also include some things that represent the cultural aspects of that year. This could be a memory stick with the number one hits from that year saved onto it. It could be a photo of the president at the time, or some technology you feel could be defunct by the time your child has grown up (the first ever iPhone, perhaps?).

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A personalized gift 
Even though so many things change as time goes on, some items are simply timeless. Getting an item such as this personalized for your child will mean it’s something they can keep forever. For example, the art of letter-writing is indeed on the decline. But there are still certain times that will call for a hand-written letter or note – which is why personalized embossed note cards make a great keepsake for your child. Personalized pens, photo frames, and mugs all do the trick too.


A plush toy

Hands up if you’re an adult and you still have your favorite plush toy from your childhood? Many of us develop a strong emotional attachment to the teddy bear we carry around with us as a child, as it provides a form of comfort and security that we don’t get from many other things. Keeping this safe for your child even when they are much older can mean it is a touching and sentimental gift. You could even go one step further and have a plush toy made from some of your child’s outgrown baby clothes.


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