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Should I drink Fluoridated Tap Water?

Water is essential to every living being on this planet. Unfortunately that doesn’t mean that all water is safe to drink!

In fact approximately 97% of the water on the planet is actually in the sea!

Even rain water cannot be relied on to be clean; it travels across the land picking up pollutants, bacteria and debris along the way.

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That’s why there are water treatment plants; to clean the water and provide you with safe water from your tap.

However, companies such as Clean & Clear Water are thriving as people become aware of how important it is to filter the water before you drink it.

The main reason for this is the addition of chemicals by the water treatment plant. There are 2 main chemicals of concern, Chlorine and Fluoride.

Chlorine is used to clean the water while fluoride is added to help prevent tooth decay.

The Research

The facts suggest that dental health has improved across the country; thanks to the introduction of fluoride in the water. The fluoride binds with your saliva to help protect and strengthen your enamel; reducing the risk of cavities and tooth decay.

The conclusion is that fluoride is safe and a useful addition to the water. Of course, this review is carried out by the very people that supply you with that water.

There have been other studies that suggest fluoride is not quite so good for the rest of your body; having great teeth may be at the cost of your health.

The key is in the amount of fluoride you’re exposed to.

Excess amounts of fluoride can result in the following adverse effects:

  • Osteoporosis

This is the softening of your bones, making them more brittle and more likely to break. The problem gets worse as you age.

  • Kidney Damage

Your kidneys are essential for the removal of toxins and other products from your body. If they do not work properly your body will struggle to work as it should.

  • Nerve Damage

The nerves are essential for transmitting an array of signals, including pain and touch. You need these responses to help you coordinate all your movements. Nerve damage can limit your ability to function properly.

  • Muscle Issues

This has a similar effect to nerve damage except that your actually muscles can lose strength and prevent you from doing tasks that you would previously have found easy.

  • Thyroid Gland

The thyroid is responsible for several functions including maintaining your metabolism. Any damage to this will result in a loss of energy and an increased likelihood of gaining weight.

This will further slow down your metabolism and increase weight gain, starting a vicious cycle. Additionally excess weight has been linked with age related chronic disease.

Should You Drink Fluoridated Tap Water?

The decision is yours but the potential adverse effects make it seem like a good choice to use a water filter. This will effectively remove the fluoride and protect your health.






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