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Shopping for Big Families the Smart Way

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While you’re single or living with just your partner, those flyers that build up in the mailbox just seem like a nuisance. As your family grows, you realize that junk mail from the grocery store is actually a godsend, and that snapping up a good deal can go a long way in extending your weekly budget. One of the biggest issues with bargain hunting can be keeping all of those paper ads in order. Every week they seem to pile up with out-of-date information, and you wind up taking the wrong ones to the wrong stores.

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Luckily, there are smarter ways Canadians can score deals. Smartphone users can keep all their weekly specials in their pockets and use a variety of apps to replace the coupons of the past. Flipp is an app that takes weekly flyers from retailers of all kinds, from Sobey’s to Best Buy, and lets user quickly search through them. They can even take digital clippings of the buys that catch their eye to save for instant access. Even better, Flipp can ease the arduous process of the hunt itself. When users make their shopping lists inside the application, Flipp goes ahead and finds the best deals in your area for produce, meat, eggs, dairy, and snacks.

Canadians can now also access PC Plus on their mobiles, allowing them to save points, find special offers that load more points, and cash them in for groceries at Loblaw’s, Provigo, Zehrs, and No Frills. Getting in on loyalty programs mean you’ll be able to cut down your bill when you go to the store to stock up. It can be difficult deciding between immediate savings and accumulating rewards that don’t pay off until later. Before you start going out of your way to collect, crunch some numbers to figure out just what a point is worth and what it will get you in the long run.

Big families don’t have to mean big bills if you’re savvy at shopping, and you can extend your eagle eye for a bargain beyond the grocery store. As those kids become teenagers, they’re going to start asking for smartphones themselves. Save a mint by buying them used on Kijiji, which now lets you check the average price for used phones across its listings.

Buying second hand is a money saving trick as old as money itself, but you don’t have to wait for yard sale season to hunt for toys, clothes, and accessories. Millions of Canadians use Kijiji to buy and sell second hand goods, and many people find everything from strollers to car seats in their baby items section. Baby items are the ideal second hand goods; children grow out of things long before they’ve stopped being useful. Plenty of moms can make their budgets go further by buying used, while others can offset the costs of new purchases by trading lightly used goods.

Smart parents know that it isn’t hard to save with smartphones – and it isn’t hard to save on them, either.


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