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She got an "H"

Doesn’t that sound so funny? “Oh yes, Samantha received an “H” for her Kindergarten placement” Is what Mrs. Hazelett told me. I of course was like “what the heck is an H?” She looked at me weird and said “Oh that means she got a HIGH. She received 100 on her kinder placement and didn’t miss anything”

Today I looked over the kinder placement test and am really surprised that kids don’t know those questions on the placement test.

So here are some of the things they would like kids GOING into Kindergarten to know.

*to write their first and last names (Sam can only write “acu” for her last name, but hey she can write Samantha)
* know all the colors (duhhhhh, they should know them all by the time they are 3.5)
* know all the shapes including diamond
*can recognize all the letters in their name mixed up. (like pointing to a letter and they say which one it is)
* know to count to 30
* know to recognize the numbers to 20 out of order
* you tell the student to say “cowboy”, hey say it out loud, you then say” OK now say it with out saying cow”. They should say “boy” (I just asked Sammy right now and she didn’t want to do it)
* they have them draw a picture of them self.

I am so surprised at how much the kids learn, I am amazed at watching the kindergartners writing sentences and reading. It’s awesome. I can’t wait to see Sam in school in the fall. She has a LONG way to go until school starts but I am so glad that she is being placed as a “high” student.

oh and my mother in law is very excited to have a full time room mom!

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