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Sensing Trouble: City Life During Springtime

It’s now spring and the sun will gradually bathe all the eye can see, in a warm golden glow. City life is at it’s best during the spring and summer. Everyone is dressing more casual, there’s a deluge of fresh produce hitting the markets and street food stalls. More people are out running,  choosing to take public transport, walking, or cycling to work. There’s a friendly atmosphere that builds and builds until every day feels like a chilled out affair. But you must realize, you’re still in a city. Large cities will always have certain issues that impact your health. If you get used to living in a city with millions of people, you’ll also get used to the subtle yet harmful aspects as well. The 5 senses can become numbed due to this, but if you protect them, you can enjoy city life to the fullest.

High-rise reflections

Every large city has a business or financial district. In this part of the city, you will find commercial buildings. High-rise towers are made from special-purpose glass. Not only does the glass not conduct as much heat from the sun as normal sheet panel glass, but it also reflects light very well. From certain angles, this can be hazardous for people on the outside. A concentration of sunlight being reflected into your eyes can cause temporary blindness or dazzle you to the point you start seeing the veins in your eyes every time you blink. To avoid this, you should invest in a good quality pair of transition sunglasses. Make sure that the sunglasses frame style covers the edges of your face. It’s best to avoid metal frames for heat and light reflection.

If you wear glasses, you should look at buying a pair with adaptive lenses. When the sun impacts the lense, it will automatically shift into a darker tone. This usually only occurs on one half of the lense, so you can choose to have more light protection from the bottom or top half. Commercial buildings will reflect light downward, so the top half is the better choice.

Invasion of plant pots

Residents in cities year for some kind of natural life to be accompanying them in their homes. What you’ll find happens in springtime, is an invasion of plant pots hanging or sitting outside people’s homes. Look up at the apartment buildings and you’ll see plant pots hanging over the rail of balconies. Office buildings will suddenly be flooded with flowers and plants. This gives rise to pollen choke points. To protect your nose and eyes from the pollen outbreak, dab a little vaseline underneath your nostrils. Put a little bit of vaseline around your eyes too. This will catch the pollen and prevent it from entering into your body to cause allergies. Always keep a few wet wipes with you so you can wipe your arms, hands, and face when you feel an allergic reaction coming on.

Now’s the time to build

As you can imagine, when the sun comes out, the days become longer and the weather is more predictable, the construction season begins. Commercial and private companies will start building projects. That means, plenty of loud and continual noise. Investing in some kind of hearing protection before all this happens will leave you prepared for any kind of jackhammers, drills, and dump trucks that work outside your home or workplace. Something as simple as a pair of earbuds would be great. If you do have hearing problems, then seeing what can be done about your hearing aids is also something to put on your to-do list.

Avoid congestion

Even though people will be walking a lot more, there will always be those that would rather turn their air conditioning to cold and drive everywhere. This means congestion will still be a problem. Since there are more people on the streets, you’ll also have more foot traffic. Inevitably, this will cause you to be in heavily congested areas for longer. You’re breathing in the toxic fumes and gases from motorbikes, scooters, cars, trucks, and buses. This can have an adverse effect on your skin complexion as well as your sense of smell. The tongue is like a sponge and in this spring humidity, pollution will be absorbed by your mouth. So, avoid congested areas as much as you can.

City life in the springtime is glorious. Everyone’s more laid back and chill. People are dying to dine al fresco and people watch as they enjoy their meal. But remember, the city’s aesthetics might have changed but the hazards to your senses are still very much present.


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