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Seasonal Cleaning: How to Declutter Your House in Just One Day

Do you often walk into your home and ask yourself “How didit ever get this way?” Clutter is smart and it creeps up on you, so you oftendon’t even notice it until it takes over your entire house. While clutter growsslowly, you can purge it very quickly. Here’s how to declutter your house inone day.

Create a donation/sell plan

Check Goodwill or the Salvation Army and see whether theytake some stuff you don’t need. Some charities will even come to pick updonations! Make sure to organize donation drop-off as soon as you finish yourdecluttering—you don’t want to change your mind and keep something you reallydon’t need. If you’re short on cash, you can organize a yard sale and even earn some money.

Be efficient

Before you start, make sure to come up with a schedule. Eachroom requires only 30 minutes of decluttering—this will ensure you actuallyfinish everything in one day and not drag out your process. Don’t try to organizeyour space—just remove clutter and move to the next room.

Gather supplies

It’s important to have all the supplies at hand if you wantto have a fast and easy decluttering process. Make sure to stock up on trashbags and boxes for sorting out your items. You might come up with a goodcolor-coding plan so that you know what is trash, what is fit for donation oryard sale and what you want to keep yet relocate. If you know you’ll have a lotof trash, contact rubbish removal professionals thatwill take your trash off of your hands quickly and efficiently.

Start with your living room

Now it’s time to actually start your decluttering. Tackleall old magazines and newspapers in your living room and throw out all brokentoys and decoration. Grab all family members’ personal belongings and relocatethem to their private bedrooms. Donate all books, toys and games you don’t useor love particularly.

Dining rooms are usually very cluttered

Dining room tables often become storage for various items,so be extra careful when decluttering your dining room. Trash all old candles,outdated table cloths, old paperwork and other garbage. Anything that isn’tdecoration needs to be relocated from the table. Linens and dishes you nolonger use can be put on the donate or sell pile.

Tackle clutter in your bathroom

Grab a trash bag and throw away all expired beauty andhygiene products and empty containers of makeup and nail polish. Moldy andbroken bath toys and old cleaning supplies can also go. Relocate all excessproducts like TP, bath and body products and towels and put them in closedstorage. Hairstyling tools and various extra towels you no longer want can bedonated.

Clean your bedroom

Concentrate on your dressers, bedside tables and floor.Clear and throw out any trash present in your bedroom. Keep and relocate familymembers’ belongings and donate things you no longer need and love. All cleanlaundry can be put away, dirty laundry thrown in the hamper and used clotheshanged in the closet.

Don’t tackle your closet

Purging your closet and decluttering your home are not thesame tasks, so make sure to go through your clothing some other day. Fornow, it’s best to focus on open surfaces like tables, dressers and floors. Whatyou can do for your closet is throw away all tags, outdated receipts, shoppingbags and unused boxes.

Wrap things up

Once you’re finished with every room in your house, it’stime to grab all your garbage bags and remove them from your home. Donationthings can be put into your car and neatly stored in your garage, but make sureto drop them off as soon as possible. Find a home to all your items you decidedto keep or place them in temporary storage until you decide where to keep them.It’s important to keep decluttering every few weeks in order to prevent anyserious clutter that can’t be handled in one day.

Once you finish your quick declutter, you’ll not only have amuch tidier home, but you’ll instantly feel lighter and less stressed. So,continue decluttering your home and might even like it so much to become aminimalist.


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