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Scrubbing Bubbles

Scrubbing Bubbles is revealing new information from the Dirty Work Index, a comprehensive study that scrubs the data on women’s attitudes related to how, when and why they clean their homes as they head into spring with cleaning and de-cluttering on the brain.

Through the Dirty Work Index, they discovered that most moms teach their daughters how to clean (81 percent) and surprisingly, 94 percent are likely to still use the cleaning habits they first learned. In fact, 50 percent of all women still go to their mother first for cleaning advice. New findings also discovered that cleaning becomes more important as women experience major milestones in their lives:

  • Having children (81 percent of women ages 35-44)
  • Buying a home (61 percent of women 25-34)
  • Having children that are grown and moved out (52 percent of women 55-64)
  • Getting engaged or married (36 percent of all women)
  • Having a roommate (31 percent of women 18-24)
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  1. This product is awesome! I love it! I purchased it just a few weeks ago and dont know how I lived without it! Makes cleaning the bathroom much faster and easier! Great review:)

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