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Save Space & Stay Organized with Space Bag

The makers of Space Bag products have been perfecting home storage solutions with its vacuum-seal bags for nearly ten years. But did you know these space-saving bags can also be used on the go?
Space Bag Dual-Use Bags can be compressed like other Space Bag products ­with a standard household vacuum hose ­ or by rolling the bags to expunge air through a one-way valve. This convenient manual compression system makes Dual-Use Bags ideal for anyone planning an outdoor trip or family vacation, and anyone who doesn¹t own a traditional vacuum.
Here are some of the ways you can put Dual-Use Bags to work at home or on the go:
  • Pack extra blankets, pillows, towels or other linens inside Space Bag Dual-Use Bags so they take up a fraction of the space they did before.
  • Protect your belongings from the elements ­ every Space Bag product has an airtight seal that protects items inside from dirt, moisture, odors and pests.
  • Keep your extra clothes, kids¹ water toys, towels and more organized and waterproof on your next boat trip
  •  Use Space Bag Dual-Use Bags on your next backpacking or camping trip to get all of your gear into a backpack or duffel. Pack more with the same amount of space.
  • Have a loved one headed off to college? Ditch flimsy cardboard boxes and pack their belongings in Space Bag Dual-Use Bags to load more in your vehicle for the move.
  • Anyone living in a small apartment or college dorm room who doesn¹t need a standard vacuum can still enjoy the space-saving benefits of these hand-compressible bags. Pack up out-of-season clothing or store extra linens under the bed.

I purchased Space Saver bags back in June before we moved to use for moving and I loved them. I was impressed with how well they worked. But do not go over the fill line or the bag will bust open! (lesson learned).

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  1. I’ve never tried them out I think I need to though I have a ton of blankets, sheets, and stuffed animals I could downsize. Good to know about the fill line

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