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Samantha Started BALLET!

Well she finally got to do waht she has been dreaming of doing the past few months, my little girl started Ballet!! She was so excited yesterday becasue she knew her day had finally come!! She is in the pre-Ballet class, so they do ballet, tap and tumbling! Her favorite thing just happened to be the spider crawl, what a girl! I was able to get jsut a few pictures before her teacher’s shooed us parents out of the room. They do not allow parents in on the first lesson becasue the children tend to not pay attention if they know mommy(or daddy) is there. SO here is my little Ballerina, she had to be the odd one out in a PURPLE leotard! (Sharon McCormick of Lake Arrowhead School of Dance told my mother in law to let her pick her OWN leotard)

here are the few pictures I was able to get

Samantha and her friend Faith (the other little girl is Faith’s cousin)

the teacher Shannon having the girls sit down

paying attention to their dance instructors (Sam is in the middle, in purple)

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