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Royal Jewellery

Some of the most expensive, precious pieces of jewellery are in the hands of – you guessed it – the Royal family. But what are their favourites and why are they so priceless?


In this article, we’ll take a look at the most beautiful, awe-inspiring pieces of jewellery that the Royal family own. And if you’re looking for some jewellery that’s just as stunning, but doesn’t require one of the royals to own, Berganza is an affordable yet striking jewellery store.

It’s the perfect jewellery site for you to gawp upon their stunning jewels, in wonder. Let’s get back to the Royal’s jewellery, shall we?

Princess Diana’s emerald choker


Gifted to the late Princess Diana as a wedding gift in 1981, this eye-catching choker was originally a necklace owned by Queen Mary in 1911.


Princess Diana also wore her emerald choker as a head bandeau, making an iconic and infamous fashion statement.

The Burmese ruby tiara


The rubies on the Burmese ruby tiara are extremely rare. They were gifted to the Royal family by the people of Burma, who believe the rubies have the power to heal and protect their owner.


This is what makes the Burmese ruby tiara so precious; not because of the decided price, but because of the meaning the rubies hold to those who gave them to the Royal family. To the people of Burma, these rubies are priceless.

Queen Mary’s rose of York bracelet


The county of Cornwall gave Mary, the Duchess of York and Princess of Teck, the ruby and diamond cuff bracelet, known as now as the Rose of York bracelet. The diamonds run across the rounded rubies that sparkle along the cuff.


In the middle, the bracelet holds a rose made of diamonds and rubies. This gift was given to the future Queen back in 1893 when she married the Duke of York.


What’s your favourite piece of Royal jewellery?


Each piece of jewellery listed is a masterpiece in its own right. So, let us know which of these pieces of Royal jewellery you like the most, and why in the comments below.



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