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Reasons to Raise Your Family in the City

Most people believe that they need to raise their kids in a big house with lawns and backyards for them to be happy. For this reason, you will find most soon-to-be parents moving to the suburbs in search of a quiet and safe environment. However, you should know that a growing number of people are deciding to raise their kids in the city.

Before you start visiting websites such as www.liveatcolab.com, you should weigh the pros and cons of city vs. suburb life. If you are contemplating raising your kids in the city, here are some reasons to go through with it:

Cutting down on Carpool Time

Even the happiest suburb parent has to deal with ferrying children to school and back. However, if you live in city residences such as a high rise, you can rely on public transport. You can let your children go to school using public transport, especially if they are with friends. Not only does this give you a break but it also gives your children a sense of independence.

Absorb Important Lessons

In this life, it can be hard to explain to children why homeless people sleep on the streets. The city presents opportuniti

es for growth and learning as well as volunteering opportunities at homeless shelters. When you raise your kids in the suburbs, they will not get many opportunities to learn about life.

You could be walking in the city with your suburb-raised kids and they might be surprised to see people begging on the streets. Living in the city will allow your children to learn valuable life lessons.

Culture at Your Fingertips

If you live in a big city, you will have easier access to cultural amenities such as ballet, museums, movie houses, and the opera. Although not having a backyard is something you will have to deal with in the city, at least you will have parks and museums nearby.

All of these cultural amenities are just a short bus ride away. Instead of waiting for school breaks to take your children to the city, you can live there and let them enjoy the diverse cultures.

Being a Citizen of the World

People from all over the world live and earn a living in cities. Your children will get to meet people with various backgrounds and experiences, which lead to increased tolerance and compassion. When you raise your kids in the city, they will have different experiences because of the diverse people. You do not want your children to grow up knowing

 one thing only.

Amazing Food and Amenities

Does your local mall have coffee made with nitrogen? Of course, this does not mean that every city center offers a smorgasbord of food and drinks. However, the options that you will find in the city are more varied than those in the suburbs are. You should live in the city because it offers interesting options.

Reduced Commute Time

Families that work and live in the city spend less time commuting from and to work. This means that you will have more free time to spend with your kids. With all the public transport options available in the city, you will not even have to spend that much time driving. You can use the bus to get to work if you want to save on money.

Are you currently raising your kids in the suburbs? You should consider moving to the city for the above reasons. Not only will your kids be more independent but they will also have a diverse upbringing. If you work in the city, you will reduce your commute time.


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