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Reasons to Enroll Your Kids in Martial Arts

Martial art is a lot more than just the physical punches, kicks, and the violence that has been associated with it. It’s more than the pop culture music and what Hollywood has projected it to be in the movies. It’s more than just a sport or a defense mechanism.

Martial arts are, above everything else, about bettering yourself.

It’s about discovering yourself and how to express that discovery.

Many parents highly recommend enrolling kids in martial arts. For example the guys over at FightGearGeeks have enrolled their children in various forms of martial arts at as young as age 5.


The following are notable reasons why your kids need training in martial arts.


  1. Discipline, Patience, Respect and Self Control


Some of the social skills that are taught at martial arts are discipline and patience. These are very core components of martial art. Today, people are becoming less and less patient and want things done at a blink of an eye, but with a background in martial art, your child will be taught how to have discipline, patience, self-control and restraint.


In addition to that, punctuality and respecting the instructor are other important rules. This is very helpful in their entire life since they will grow up knowing that they are required to respect the elders and always be on time. These qualities are great to teach kids at a young age, and these are just some of the benefits of enrolling your kids in martial arts.


  1. Boosts Self Esteem


Throughout the training, your child will keep advancing from one level to another after defeating an opponent. This will boost their confidence not only in karate but also in other aspects of life. Your child will know that once you focus and do your best you can always make it. Furthermore, with the increase in cases of bullying in schools and violence everywhere, your child is better off with these skills. They are taught how to defend themselves against an intruder. This will ensure their safety even when you are not around them.


  1. Being Healthy and Physically Fit


This is one of the primary benefits of martial art. With the increasing cases of obesity and other related diseases mostly caused by inactivity, martial art involves a lot of physical activity. Instead of your child spending most of his/her free time watching T.V and playing computer games, they are better off doing martial trainings. It’s also important to note that an active and fit body equals to an active brain


  1. Setting Goals and Achieving Targets


During training, your child will advance from one level to another. He/she will be awarded a belt after completing each of these levels. The idea of awarding these belts is to keep them motivated and work hard towards learning a skill. In the same way, your child will learn the importance setting goals and working hard towards achieving them. This comes in handy in his/her future life be it career wise, relationships, family and any other aspect of life


  1. Teamwork and Responsibility


Part of what your child will learn in martial art is how to perform with others. This requires better communication skills and how you can coordinate with other children to achieve one common goal. This is an important lesson in life since the child will know that there are things in life that you cannot achieve alone.


  1. Improved Socialization Skills


Children at the martial arts share a common interest. Though from different backgrounds and places, they come together to learn common skills. Martial art becomes something they have in common. For those with difficulty in making new friends, spending more time together doing the same thing will make them open up to one another even in other areas and eventually become friends. This will help those that have difficulty in socializing with other children.


  1. Perseverance and Excellence

Martial art is a tough program that involves a lot of straining and enduring blows and kicks from the opponents. Through this your child is bound to persevere and excel even in the most difficult of circumstances later in life.These are just but a few things that your child would benefit from martial art program.

The bottom line is, martial arts are about way more than just fighting. They are about bettering yourself as an individual.


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