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Quick Tips For Cleaning Your Outdoor Barbecue

If you are lucky, you may live somewhere that allows you to use your outdoor barbeque all year round. But for most people, barbeque season is a highly anticipated time during the warmer months that includes great eats and family fun enjoyed outdoors.


Although everything seems to taste just a little bit sweeter when cooked on the grill, keeping it clean can be a hassle. Even still, regular cleaning should be a priority. Cooking on a dirty grill can not only cause harmful bacteria to make its way into your food but can also be the cause of dangerous fire flare ups.


It is advised that regular cleaning and grill scraping be done after each and every use, however, a full cleaning isn’t necessary for each use.


For a charcoal grill, you should clean it thoroughly at least once per month. The ash from the briquettes can build up quickly and leave it tough to clean.


When it comes to gas grills, a once-over full cleaning should be done at least once per season. The best time to do it is once at the beginning and once at the end of the outdoor season. However, if you use your gas grill on a more regular basis you may want to increase the number of all over cleans to a few times per year.


Take a look at some tips from the professionals to help guide you through the proper cleaning process and save you some time. Enjoy all your favorite meals on a clean and healthy barbeque grill all year long.


Gas Grill Cleaning


  • Start by disconnecting and shutting off the gas to your barbeque. This will help eliminate any gas leaks during the cleaning process.
  • Remove all grates and soak in a bucket with warm soapy water
  • Remove all inside components including burner tubes
  • Using a firm spatula, start scraping the interior of the barbeque to remove all soot and grease
  • Clean your burner tubes with a hard bristled brush using a side to side motion. You want to be able to clear any buildup or blockages in the tubes that can affect even cooking temperatures
  • Rinse burners with running water from a sink tap or outdoor hose and leave to air dry
  • Once dry, replace the burners into the barbeque and light to make certain they are all working efficiently
  • Scrape down the soaked grates until free of all grease and food debris
  • Brush olive oil on the cleaned grates to season and prepare the grill for it’s next cooking session


Electric Grill Cleaning


  • Light your barbeque to heat the grates and then allow to cool down until they can be comfortably touched without burning
  • Scrape gently to loosen food particles and grease
  • Wipe down with a wet sponge removing all oils and fats
  • The electric parts to your grill can be soaked in soapy water and then wiped dry by hand before replacing


Charcol Grill Cleaning


  • Empty the ash pan and ensure that the entire barbeque compartment is free from residue or pieces of briquette
  • Soak your grates in warm soapy water
  • Use a hard bristled brush to scrub away any food residue and grease
  • Wipe down entire lid with a wet sponge
  • Put in new coals or briquettes and heat up
  • Allow to cool until grates are warm and then oil for the next use



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