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Protect your iPhone for your kids with the Woogie 2

Last week I got a new iPhone, and asked if I could keep my iPhone 3GS to give to my daughter to use as a glorified iPod Touch.

She was thrilled, and I knew exactly what to give her to keep the iPhone iPod safe! A Woogie 2.

Woogie 2 The huggable, squeezable, pass-aroundable case for iPhone and iPod touch… and the answer to the question on every child’s lips – “Can I play with your iPhone?”

The Woogie is available in pink or blue, the Woogie 2 is 50% stuffed animal (for your kids), 50% protective case (for your iPhone or iPod touch), and 100% fun!

It has a  protective pocket Velcros shut to hold your iPhone or iPod touch, while a touch-through screen protector lets you choose movies, apps or music for your child

Woogie 2 can be propped up on its fuzzy legs or nested comfortably in a child’s lap for viewing.

Sarah loves the Woogie 2. She loves how easy she can still play all her games, and dance around with the Woogie 2 while listening to her music.

I love it because there is no way to loose the iPod and it stays safe inside!

it’s a win win!

Don’t forget to install the app too! The Woogie App lets you play with your Woogie! With this app, your huggable Woogie becomes an interactive playmate.

Purchase your Woogie at

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