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Pros and Cons of Nannies vs. Daycares

For a parent, the decision whether to get help or not is never an easy one. On the one hand, you’ll want to do everything for your child. But, on the other, there are a number of benefits to having help.

The obvious is your ability to work again. Less obvious is the quality time you’ll gain with your children. Your time with them can be focused solely on having fun and bonding with them.

Once you’ve decided you may be surprised to find that help can be gained with the financial impact of childcare. But, the most pressing question will be whether to use a nanny or daycare center.

Using Nannies

Nannies generally live-in with you although this doesn’t have to be the case. You’ll want to use an approved and respected nanny services firm to ensure the nanny you get is suitably qualified and experienced.

A nanny will fit to your schedule, working the hours you need them to and usually being available for extra cover, although you shouldn’t take this for granted. In short, you’ll get custom care for your child or children.

In general, a nanny is more expensive than daycare. However, you can reduce the cost and make a nanny cheaper than daycare by sharing them with a friend. This can be a good arrangement for everyone involved.  It’s also worth noting that if you have more than one child the cost of a nanny can quickly become less than the cost of daycare.

Of course, a nanny needs to be carefully vetted as you’ll be leaving them alone with your children and trusting them to do the right thing.  You should also note that employing a nanny means there are tax implications, that’s more paperwork to be filed annually.

Traditional Daycare

Daycare centers have strict hours, you’ll incur penalties if you run late and they are not usually flexible to help you cover extra shifts or if you’re running late. This can be a benefit of your work specific hours. But, if you’re flexible or work different shifts daycare can be difficult to accommodate.

Daycare centers are vetted and licensed, ensuring you’re getting qualified child care. In fact, they often double as pre-schools, giving your child their first steps into education.  They are generally cheaper than nannies.

But, you have no control over who is looking after your child. Daycares often have a high turnover of staff. They aren’t flexible with hours, and your child is more likely to be exposed to a variety of germs. That means you’ll be exposed indirectly.

Which Is Best?

In general, nannies offer a more persona and flexible care which will allow you to create the perfect environment for your child. However if your funds won’t stretch to a nanny and you have regular working hours, you’ll find that the daycare is a good choice and can really help your child to grow in confidence and independence. It’s a personal choice, take your time when deciding as it’s not easy to change your decision partway through.

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