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Prioritizing Bigger Home Upgrades For All Homeowners

Upgrading is an inevitable part of being a homeowner.  But with so many possible upgrades to choose from it is difficult to know which upgrade will be the best for short-term enjoyment as well as mid-and-long-term value. Prioritizing bigger home upgrades might be the best tactic for a high return on investment and an upgrade your and your family will love.

Start in the Kitchen

One of the most expensive rooms to renovate is the kitchen.  As the main room of the house with dozens of possible upgrade projects to choose from, the kitchen will breathe new life into your home and keep your home up to date for future home buyers. But you don’t have to break the bank with a kitchen remodel for it to pay off with a big return on investment. Nationally, a light kitchen remodel will cost a little over $10,000, however that investment will add over $17,000 in resale value.  Stick with the most effective upgrades in the kitchen which includes:

Replace or Refinish Countertops: 

Revive your kitchen with a new or newish set of countertops. There are refinish kits for multiple types of countertops that can make your existing ones look brand new.  You can also opt for new countertops if that is where you would like to put the largest amount of your budget. Opt for mid-range materials such as butcher block, granite or quartz.

Refinish Cabinets: 

There’s no need to demolish your entire cabinet system, instead paint your cabinets and install new hardware. A fresh coat of paint and updated hardware will update the kitchen and add to your resale value.  In fact, 59% of real estate agents recommend homeowners invest in painting dated cabinets.

Invest in Appliances:

Smart appliances are one of the most popular upgrades among home buyers. Choose stainless steel finish and Energy Star certified appliances.  Splurge on smart appliances such as a smart refrigerator of oven/stove system for added appeal with tech savvy homebuyers.

Update the Bathroom

In 2022, a bathroom remodel can have a return on investment by as much as 71% if the right features are updated. A light kitchen remodel should consist of:

Update the Vanity

An updated vanity will include countertops, faucet, and sink.  Double-sink vanities are very popular as are granite vanity countertops.

New Flooring

New flooring will update the overall appearance of the bathroom.  Inexpensive options are porcelain, ceramic tiles, or vinyl. For an added bonus install radiant -heat mats underneath the flooring especially if you live in colder climates.Get Free Netflix Now

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Update The Tub/Shower

Skip the whirlpool jet bathtub and opt for a soaking tub and walk-in shower for your bathroom. These are both continuously popular among homeowners and offer a variety of layout options. Use a neutral tile in the shower for an overall fresh appearance and splurge a bit on a rain or dual showerhead.

The housing market is undergoing changes right now as inflation slows buyer demand, home prices fall closer to pre-pandemic levels, and buyers are seeing a lot less competition. Focus on big home improvements specifically in the bathroom and kitchen if you want to appeal to a large number of buyers and increase your chances of a high return on investment.


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