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Preparing Yourself and Your Toddlers for Moving to a New Town

Any parent who’s had to move to another town with their childrenknows how difficult it is to stay organized and on top of things. With so many tasksto do – from packing and labeling to transporting and unpacking, moving to anew home can look like a hassle. However, it only seems that way – with alittle bit of effort and good organizational skills, you can move to a newplace without stressing out about the whole process. To help you out, we’vecurated a list of five important things you should do to successfully prepareyourself and your family for moving into your new home – read on to learn whatthey are.

Talk to your children about the move

So, you’ve decided to move to another place. Now that youare sure about your decision, you need to tell your children in order toprepare them for the big change that is coming. It’s best to talk to them atleast one month prior to moving to give them enough time to process the bignews. Even though it may not seem that way, moving has a big impact on thechildren. Chances are they already made friends there, so they probably won’tbe thrilled about the idea of relocating to a completely new place and startingall over. However, explain why it is important and try to appeal to theirinterests. All in all, try to make it easier for them any way you can. They maybe excited or frightened by the change, so be receptive of both positive andnegative responses and deal with them in the best possible way.

Start packing on time

After you’ve informed the children, you can slowly startpacking your first moving boxes. To avoid overloading your moving vehicle,consider decluttering your current home. Look for things that you don’t reallyuse or need and think about how you can reduce the number of things you’removing. Donate, sell, or throw away – do anything it takes to get rid ofunwanted clutter and make sure you bring only those things that you intend touse in the future. After you’ve decluttered your home, you can start packing.Think of the ways you can cut your moving costs. A good place to start is tolook for free moving boxes you can use to pack your things. All it takes is a littlebit of research and effort to find the things you’d otherwise have to pay for.

Consider the transportation

After packing comes to transportation, another essentialpart of moving to a new place. Consider the options you have and choose the onethat best fits your needs. While some things can easily be transported by car,others require some more effort in order to move them to another place. Askyour friends and family to help you move your things to your new home, andconsider opting for a ute hire deal totransport large items with minimal hassle. With a wide range of vehicles tochoose from, you are sure to find the one that works best for you and yourfamily. By using a rental vehicle to move your furniture between the locations,you can rest assured your moving day will go smoothly.

Pack essentials for the first several days at your new place

When moving to a new home, it’s easy to forget about how youare going to spend your first days there. All the packing, labeling, and movingcan take a toll on homeowners’ energy levels, and once you move into your newhome, chances are you probably won’t feel like going through all the boxes onyour first day there. That is why it’s best to prepare in advance for the firstcouple of days in your new house. Pack your pajamas, everyday clothes,essentials like toothbrushes, personal hygiene products, as well as medicine. Aswe previously mentioned, your kids may not be thrilled about this major change,so bring their toys and games to keep them entertained during the first coupleof days.

Make your new home child-proof

Right when you move into your new home, the first thing youshould do is to look around the house and check if there are any potentialdangers. Make sure to change the locks on your doors so that no one has the keyto your home, thus ensuring your family’s safety. Another thing you should do toprotect your children is to child-proofany area that might pose a threat to them. Since you’re not familiar withthat place, be sure to do a proper tour through the house to ensure your kidscan’t get hurt when playing in their new home. Some houses come furnished, andsharp corners, furniture with edges, and glass tables can be hazardous to yourchildren. Be sure to get soft corner guards to keep your children safe. Familiarizeyourself and your kids with your new place, and try to continue with your usualdaily routine to help them get used to this big change.

Moving is a major change in anyone’s life, and all it takesis proper organizing to successfully move to a new place. Use the tips above toprepare for this challenging step and make the whole process go more smoothly.


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