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Preparing Your Home for Fall: Give your home an Autumn cleaning blitz

We’re all familiar with Spring cleaning – you know, thattime of the year when the majority of homeowners declare war on dirt and germsand do a major household clean, sparing no microbe they encounter? Well, Autumnblitz is like that, only it’s much more beneficial for your health and theoverall state of the entire home. As we all know, Spring cleaning usually tookplace when the warmer days arrived, and many homeowners would do an annualclean-up, and then wait until next year to pull out the big guns. Turns out,Autumn cleaning may be even more important – closed windows and less vacuumingmeans more pollutants in the air, and with Winter just around the corner, fallseems to be the perfect time to tackle all the dirt and grime. With that inmind, here are some of the best Autumn blitz tips to help you prep your homefor the fall season.

Sort through all of your things

Although animals such as squirrels are nuts about hoarding for winter, for an Autumn cleaning blitz, you’re expected to do the exact opposite. Although a new batch of logs for the winter is a necessity, there is no need to keep all the things that you don’t even use or wear. However, if you need some wood for the winter, consider buying the best log splitter. All these things do is take up precious storage space that could be used for storing other things, so be sure to declutter and make some room in your cupboards, drawers, and cabinets. Autumn is also the perfect time for some wardrobe editing, so stock your clothes and shoes and see whether you need to buy something or you’re all set for harsher weather. Whether you decide to throw, sell, or gift your used or unused clothing, it will surely free up some valuable space.

Deep-clean the entire house

After decluttering your home, the next step would be toscour your entire house and cover every area – from top to bottom. That meansgiving your floors a good scrub, tackling all the cobwebs and giving our ovens,fridges, and microwaves a thorough clean, both inside and out. Heavy and bulkycupboards, wardrobes, and cabinets often get disregarded during the clean whichis why it would be best to move them away from the walls and clean all the dirtand dust that has accumulated behind them. Your fireplace will also need someTLC, and your chimney will need to be swept beforehand to ensure you welcomethe first cold night prepared.

Clear the air!

Now you’re almost halfway through your Autumn cleaningblitz, but all the remaining dust particles and toxic chemicals from thecleaning products may still be lingering in the air, so be sure to open up yourwindows opened to let some fresh air in. Once the cold weather finally strikes,it’s good to have a quality air purifier athand – look for the ones that ensure enough coverage for the area whereyou’d want the air to be purified. These things are pretty lightweight, so theycan easily be moved around, and some models will even signalize when the filterneeds to be checked. And the best part – you can order them online, so you cansave some time and money. Now, that should give you a fresh perspective!

Wash or dry-clean all the textiles

Because pollutants and dust particles tend to accumulate intextiles and fabrics, you need to make sure you get them all out during yourAutumn blitz. The usual hotbeds for specks and particles – duvets, mattresses,carpets, cushions, curtains, couches, and any soft furnishings – they all needto be cleaned thoroughly, either by taking them to the dry-cleaner or washingthem on your own. Shampoo and vacuum your carpets and rugs, or have themcleaned professionally to ensure there are no dust mites, pet hair, moths, orany other parasites left in there.

Prepare your home for the change of season

After the cleaning is done and your house looks moreorganized than ever before, it is time to make some small décor updates. Swapout your cushions and throws and take a cue from nature when it comes to thecolor palette. Go with festive pillow covers in burgundy, caramel, and burntorange to create a cozy and rustic vibe. Autumnal-themed pillows and beddingwill transform your living space, while a new set of thick curtains willprovide additional insulation. Finally, complete your autumnal makeover bytreating your walls to a fresh coat of paint and voila – you’re done!

Even though Autumn blitz is essential, that’s not to say youshould forget about Spring cleaning. Rather, you should implement both intoyour annual cleaning routine if you really want to keep your home spick andspan and germ-free!


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