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Preparation for Purchasing Your Teenager’s First Car

We can all agree that children grow up incredibly quickly. In a blink of an eye, toddlers become teenagers, a few years from adulthood, and we’re left wondering what to do when they leave for university, settle down and possibly have children of their own. Although this can prove frightening to some parents, a teenager finally passing their driving test and needing their own car can also seem like a blessing. Gone are the days of playing taxi, and now is the time to for you to somewhat regain your own time and independence.

However, purchasing a car for your newly licenced teen is no easy matter. You will want to ensure their car is the safest model around, and that the insurance will cover any bumps or scratches. You will also want to buy a vehicle which isn’t going to cause you and your family bankruptcy. Therefore, the below tips will help you prepare and find a car perfect for both you and your teenager.

Go Second-hand

Your teenager will ask for an unreasonable car; something you either cannot afford or would be wasted on a new driver. Therefore, consider a second-hand car from a used car dealership. Not only does this mean you’ll be able to get more for your money, but if an accident was ever to happen, it is less costly scrapping or replacing a used car than writing off a brand-new vehicle. However, modern cars are both safer and more reliable than older models, so make sure to take this into consideration.

Educate Your Teen

Your teenager may have passed their test, but it would be smart to also get in the car with them to check their capabilities. Not only will this give you peace of mind, but it will also allow you to talk to them and educate them on the dangers and what to do if they were ever to be involved in an accident. This means taking them on a small circuit around your home, so they understand the mechanics of the new car and showing them where their insurance and other important documents are stored. If you’re based in the new York area, this should also include the information of a NY personal injury attorney, Paul Napoli, who practices in personal injury as well as car accidents.


An extra car in the household makes for extra costs. Therefore, it is the perfect time to start educating your teenager on the responsibilities of being an adult. There is no set or correct way of totaling up the costs of a car, but examples of sharing the costs can include your teenager paying for gas or insurance while you pay for the other, or start a monthly payment similar to that of rent or other direct debits. Of course, this can only work if your teenager has a regular income. Other ways of paying off their car could also include chores or the upkeep of good grades.

Your teenager is going to be incredibly excited about the prospect of driving and owning their own car. In fact, it is the perfect time to start teaching them about adult responsibilities. Therefore, make sure you child’s first car is safe, reliable, practical, but also fun and shows how proud of them you are.



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