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Pregnancy Week 10

I know I’m late getting my week 10 post up, hey it gave me a few extra days to see how the week is going.

My morning Sickness has gotten a lot better this week. Still feeling pretty lousy at night but I know it’s getting close to being over.

This week I have been even more tired! I’ve taken naps the past few days and I’m ready for one now!

Hubby commented yesterday how I’m showing now and look a little pregnant lol! Last night I used our Doppler and right away I could gear the faint baby heartbeat. It sounded like the baby was doing laps in there. I heard lots of swooshing and bubbles. It was like the little one was doing summersaults! I can’t wait to start feeling the baby move!

Your Baby in Week 10 of Pregnancy
Your baby (now the size of a prune) has small indentations on his legs (soon to be knees and ankles!), and his tiny arms even have elbows that bend (how is that for magical?). Inside that little mouth, tiny buds of baby teeth are forming under the gums. His stomach and kidneys are kicking into gear, producing digestive juices and urine, and if it’s a boy, his testes are making testosterone (how manly!).

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  1. I am loving these posts Mandy! I have two daughters with babies coming, one in October (she is only 18 and is of course living with us and we get to experience all of this first hand–even the morning sickness) AND another daughter due in Jan. after not having a child for 11 years. It is such a miracle! Being an (OLD) mom of 6 with my youngest almost 12, I have forgotten all the magic that happens as a child grows inside. So, so amazing!

  2. What an exciting time for you! I remember being so glad when morning sickness stopped, too… well actually for me, it was more like “all day long sickness” but the exciting things overrode it. 🙂

    Huge congratulations on your new family addition!

    Katharina angelsandmusic[at]gmail[dot]com

  3. oh that’s so exciting. My youngest is now 2 but I remember reading the appropriate chapter with my older boys in the “Pregnancy week by week” book. I was amazed at how into it they were and how intelligently they asked questions. I used to love to read how each of my kids were progressing. Will you be finding out what you’re having?

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