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Planning your next trip overseas? Don’t forget these essential tasks

Any traveller will tell you, that getting swept up in the excitement of planning your trip is part of the experience. However, you shouldn’t let your enthusiasm distract you from all those meticulous details that make travelling abroad a trouble-free experience when you set off.

Perhaps in your anticipation of finding a stunning hotel, you’ve neglected to consider its location and the cost of travelling to and from attractions. Or maybe, you were so eager to hit the airport, you forgot to make a copy of your passport and travel documents before you left. It’s little issues like these that can quickly evolve into major travel headaches further down the line.

To help you take a step back from your excitement and prevent you overlooking those intricate travel details, I’ve gathered some essential tasks every traveller should complete before they head overseas – read on to check them out.

Remember to check the travel/quarantine restrictions in your area before you head abroad or book a flight.

Clear space on your smart devices

Heading abroad means incredible sights and unmissable photo opportunities. But imagine going to take a photo or capture a video and finding you have no memory left on your device.

If connectivity is an issue at your destination, then backing up your photos to a cloud service isn’t an option and you’ll have missed that once in a lifetime shot. Remember to back up your photos and clear your smart devices before you travel.

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Alerting your bank/credit card company

lost credit card

So many travellers overlook this step, something which leads to all kinds of inconvenience whilst they’re thousands of miles away from home.

Before you travel, speak with your bank/credit card company and let them know where you’re headed. That way, when they detect card use on the other side of the world, they won’t suspect suspicious activity and cancel your cards for security reasons.Get Free Netflix Now

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Forgetting your health insurance

We all know how laborious taking out travel insurance can be. But once it’s done, you know that if anything happens with your trip – including lost luggage, delayed or cancelled flights etc – then you’re covered.

But what many travellers neglect is their medical and health cover. Not all policies are created equal, which means your travel insurance may not cover you for any medical or health emergencies whilst you’re overseas.

Consider taking out a separate health insurance policy before you travel so you’re covered for any sudden illness, accidents, medication, hospital treatment or even repatriation.

And finally, check the weather for your arrival

You may be heading to sunnier climes, but if you reach your destination in the middle of a downpour or a storm, then you’re going to regret travelling in shorts and a t-shirt. There may be some time between leaving the airport and reaching your accommodation, so always have a light jacket, shawl and long pants in your carry-on luggage. Just in case!


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