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Planning A Christmas Shopping Trip To NYC – Here Are Four Beautiful Stores You Have To Experience

Going on a Christmas shopping trip can be so much more fun than shopping for your Christmas gifts and party outfits locally or online, and where better to enjoy a pre-Christmas shopping spree than New York City?

Not only does NYC have some of the best luxury shopping in the world at any time of year, at Christmas some of its iconic stores can become real must-see spectacles, and this just adds to the fun of making a trip there at this wonderful time of year.

Whether you make the trip alone, with friends, or as a couple or family, here are four shops to include on your shopping tour, which will take your breath away.


The Italian luxury fashion and jewelry brand Bulgari has recently had its New York flagship store on 5th Avenue redesigned, and it is truly amazing both on the outside, and within. The redesign is the work of renowned luxury architect Peter Marino, who has created some of the most iconic stores in the world for high end designer brands, and also designed Bulgari’s flagships in London and Rome.

The exterior of the store has a striking crisscross design and the entrance is similar to the entrance of the Rome store, Rome being the home of the brand. Inside you will see gorgeous Italian chandeliers and a design created to bring together things that will remind you of Rome in the 1960s, and modern, glamorous design elements that are very NYC!

Saks 5th Avenue

Saks 5th Avenue have outdone themselves with this year’s Christmas display, which includes a beautiful light show that illuminates the building every five minutes between the hours of 5pm and 11pm (as it really needs to be dark to appreciate it in its full glory).

As well as the lights, there is also a gorgeous set of window displays with a candy wonderland theme, with Christmas fashion interspersed with stunning giant lollipops and other treats.


Barneys have gone for an unusual theme this year, for while the concept behind it – ‘Peace, Love and Joy’ – fits with the Christmas spirit, the designs (each created by a different artist) don’t use traditional holiday imagery, but different ideas of what peace and love mean. It can make for a refreshing change from the Santas and reindeer everywhere else, and is a striking and thought-provoking series of installations that are as much art as decoration!


Bloomingdale’s chose light as their theme for Christmas 2017, and went quite literal with it – each of their displays features a unique chandelier designed by a leading artist. When the holiday season is over, these one-of-a-kind light fittings are going to be sold at auction for the Child Mind Institute, with bids starting at $2000 each.

If you are visiting NYC in December, make sure you don’t miss out on any of these amazing displays as you hit the legendary stores of 5th Avenue!


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