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Most times when budding rockstars pick up a guitar and start to play for the first time, it sounds like they’re stepping on a cat – well, to everyone else in the room, anyway. And when would-be drummers play that eight-minute Iron Butterfly drum solo from In a gadda da vida on Mum’s saucepans it’s not hard to tell why headache tablets are so popular. If you are the parent of one of these musicians you might want to introduce them to Paper Jamz, an affordable and innovative play instrument that provides an instant rock star experience and open-ended play, say its makers, WowWee Toys. The one-inch thick stringless guitars (slightly thicker drums) are touch-sensitive, which means you only have to the strum or tap the special circuit-embedded paper on the surface to get a professional sound. Rock on!

WowWee has six guitars and six drums to choose from, and a cardboard amplifier to let your offspring form their own rock band. Enabling them to play like pros is done with Active Graphics Technology, embedded in the paper. For instance, instead of having to play a chord by strumming the strings, guitarists just strum the drawn on chords (there are no strings on the guitars).

There are three modes by which to play the guitars and drums:

  • Perfect Play: Play perfect guitar to the three included hits embedded in the guitar
  • Rhythm mode: Control the guitar rhythm for each song
  • Freestyle: play real chords or drum beats — create your own songs – just like real instruments. And for the drums … well, you just bang away in time with the music, right?

The girls love this fun Guitar, and yes for once they can play something and it not sound horrible! (except Sam on the pinao of course).

They’ll be on shelves exclusively at Walgreens July 1 (pre-orders at June 27) before becoming available nationwide.

The price point under of $25 ($24.99) makes it affordable fun. Each Walgreens store will have an in-store display that allows a free trial of the product.

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