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Pampers News for Newborns *Giveaway closed*

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After my second daughter's birth
After my second daughter’s birth

Being a mom to soon-to-be 4 kids has been amazing, stressful, and yet so rewarding! My oldest turns twelve in less than two months and it truly has been fun watching her grow. And with another little one on the way my “new mom” fears are already starting to show! You would think being a mom to three this would be an easy transition and apiece of cake right?

Nope!!! I still have all the same fears and questions as first time moms. Sure, I already know I’ll be up all night with feedings and diaper changes but here is still so many questions even experienced moms have!  my girls

Every time I left the hospital I had so many questions! Yes, even those on normal infant stools! I still remember in exclusive breastfed baby’s stool and I almost freaked out. With my first baby I used formula in the hospital so her stool was completely different!

Check out this nifty chart for new moms and dads to use! (click to enlarge it)



Protecting your little one from diaper rash is easier with information provided by Pampers! Diaper rashes are another huge concern for new parents and I really like this guide by Pampers. Even with baby #4 on the way all these tips are extremely useful to me.

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Pampers News for Newborns *Giveaway ends Nov. 24th*

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  1. I think the stool color guide is really helpful! I’m currently pregnant with baby #3 and I totally agree.. I have the same fears that I had before having my first. All babies are different, my first 2 were complete opposites anyway 🙂

  2. I just had my first baby 2 months ago. Before she was born, people told me to get my hospital bag ready early – around 30 weeks – just in case! Honestly, I meant to get it ready… but I didn’t think my baby was going to be early, so I never got to it! My daughter ended up being born 5 weeks early… and I ended up having to wear the hospital gowns for most of my stay 🙁

  3. let the baby sleep in the nursery and have the nurses bring him/her to you when he needs to be fed

  4. I thought the stool color chart was really helpful….I never saw that before with my previous two!

  5. I give this advice to all new moms, u are going to drive yourself crazy continuing with your perfectionist ways, your lists, your endless chores, take naps, hold baby, take pictures and relax a little bit, the house can be a little dusty and cluttered for a while

  6. When the baby sleeps try to sleep yourself, and accept help when it is offered.

    thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  7. I’m expecting and am going to take advice of sleeping as much as possible right now.

  8. Take help when it’s offered. don’t sweat the small stuff, if you cant get everything done like the dishes or laundry it’s ok.

  9. I used Vaseline on my babies genitals instead of diaper creams like Desitin because they are so thick and goopy that they are so hard to wash away.The Vaseline worked great.

  10. First time soon to be dad. So far I head using vaseline on the first few days while the intestines are working there way for the first times will help keep the tar like substances off of baby

  11. I am expecting my first and the best advice I have received so far is to make sure that you still take time for you like going to the gym or taking a nap when you can.

  12. to give breastfeeding 6 full weeks. It was so hard for me in the early days and weeks and LOTS of tears from me and my baby girl, but then one day it just got a little easier and continued to do so.

  13. I’m a grandma, but my best advice is to trust your instincts. You know your baby better than anyone.

  14. I am expecting my first in March & have received lots of advice, my expectations are to learn as I go because I know not everyone has that same experiences but most important not to stress over the little things & enjoy every second because time flies.

  15. How sweet are those pictures of you with your babies! To not to follow everyone’s advice and just rely on your own instincts and do what’s best for your own child, family! Thanks for the opportunity.

  16. My children are all grown up and now we are getting our first grandchild in June. The thing I would suggest would be to wear a hat on your baby when in the sun or out in the wind.

  17. I think the best advice I have received is to follow my heart and trust my own instincts and not necessarily listen to everyone who thinks they know what is best. I know that sounds harsh but I really hate when people tell me what I should be doing when I am capable of making the best decisions for my family.

  18. I think the websites and charts would be helpful. My advice would be that every baby is different.

  19. The best advice I received was regarding help from friends and family. Take it when offered. Don’t think you can do it all…especially if it is your second or third. Yes, you may be more experienced. But more babies, means more work, less sleep, less time in general. I always take offers for meals, shower time while grandma sits with the baby, etc.

  20. Write milestones on your calendar and then you can transfer them to the baby book when you have time. That way you do not have to worry about forgetting them.

  21. best advice when the babies get older-always manke them sit when they eat! keeps the food from getting spread all over the house

  22. I found it hard to sleep when she slept – at least when I was home alone with her- but I did take that time and relax with tv or a book or something. I used it for ‘me’ time because that is so important as a new mom.

  23. To stop as often as possible and just enjoy your baby. Time flies so fast and they won’t be babies for long.

  24. A piece of advice that I have found completely useful is to be sure to take some time for yourself. You can’t take care of others if you aren’t taking the time to rest or relax.

  25. The stool chart has some good info. I’m forwarding your blog to my son & daughter-in-law; they just had their first baby.

  26. It was a lightbulb moment for me when I realized the line on the pampers diapers was an indicator as to whether the diaper was wet or not!

  27. Of course I learned to sleep when the baby sleeps, also I learned that don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask for help.

  28. Don’t worry about how the house looks or all the “things” that need to get done. Take time to care for your new baby & yourself!

  29. Go with you gut…a doctor gave me that advice and told me even doctors (just like everyone else) has their own opinions. So really, I just needed to go with my gut and do what was best for me and my child because I was the mommy.

  30. My daughter is expecting her first baby, one piece of advice I have is to sleep when the baby is sleeping so you get plenty of rest.

  31. Best advice was listen to my gut, my baby and my Ped! Not to google and look up a million things 🙂

  32. My mom told me sleep when the baby sleeps and don’t try to be real quiet when they are sleeping. I could vaccume in my son’s room and he would not wake up.

  33. My advice is when the baby is sleeping let it sleep in his/hers bed so it will not get spoiled

  34. Sleep when baby sleeps was the worst advice I ever got. Especially in the beginning, most of the time it was 20 minute naps which was not helpful. She has acid reflux,though, so maybe others do better with that. What has helped me the most is baby wearing & not worrying about having a messy house.

  35. My biggest piece of advice was to me was sleep when the baby sleeps. I give this advice to everyone and also if you need help ask, people are willing to help otherwise it can be overwhelming.

  36. Don’t skip out on buying a humidifier just because it’s summer.
    My summer baby is the easiest one to get sick and slowest to get better so far and that Vicks humi is my favooorite.

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