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Pamper the Bride with these Awesome Spa Activities on her Single Life Send-Off

While wedding planning is no easy feat, with finding the perfect everything for the special day, a bridal shower is when the bride-to-be and her army of bridesmaids can unwind, have a gala time and forget all the wedding stress.

While ideally a hen party has kinky connotations, that might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Some brides like to keep it mellow and just relax with their girlfriends. And the most ideal way for these brides to rejuvenate before their big day- a relaxing spa hen do!

A spa hen party is the ideal way for the bridal party to bond amid a zen setting while also pampering themselves. To add more flavor to your spa hen weekend, you can add some fun spa activities and make it a time the bride cherishes forever.

Here are some awesome spa activities you can pamper the bride-to-be with as she bids adieu to her singlehood!

  1. Get a relaxed spa treatment

Weeks of wedding planning are bound to have stressed up the bride. Book a full body treatment and pamper the bride with deep tissue massages. Avail the spa packages to include as many treatments as possible and also get a bridal discount.

If you have set up a spa station at home, light up some aroma candles, put on a calm music and let the bride relax as she relieves her stress.

Many spa resorts allow you to make your own spa treatments- from bath bombs to scents and perfumes. This could be a time to get creative and enjoy a carefree bonding time with the girl friends.

  1. Whip out some bubbly

Like all happy occasions, a spa hen do calls for a toast! Pop a bottle of champagne and get chatting with the bridal party. You don’t have to throw a wild party at a club to indulge in some spirits.

But make sure the bride also has something to eat. A hungover bride after a spa treatment is definitely not what you want. The memory of your amazing hen party should be a delightful fresh memory for the bride instead of a hazy chain of events.

  1. Dress light, dress alike

Nothing screams like a strong camaraderie than a bridal party that walks in style in matching lounge sets. You don’t necessarily have to splurge to get matching sets of clothes. Keep it simple, and wear a uniform color and engage in DIY creatives. You could glue ‘bride’ on the bride-to-be’s set with sequins and ‘bridesmaids’ onto yours and pose for the photographs.

You could also do your nails in a similar way and rock them on the wedding day as a reminder of the awesome hen weekend. It will also honor the bride and will warm her heart.

  1. Get playful

A spa hen party doesn’t have to focus only on getting massages and pedicures. Add an additional spice to it by engaging in games- from the classic ‘spin the bottle’ to get playful and whip out each other’s dirty secrets to ‘Never Have I Ever’ wherein you finally get to know your girls even better. You could also turn them into a drinking game but don’t go overboard. The idea is to have fun and not get sloshed.

A hen party does no always have to be wild. You can keep it mellow yet fun at a spa, while also pampering the bride-to-be. Get playful, get creative and bond amid the zen setting of a spa resort. This could be the perfect way of celebrating the bride’s singlehood before she enters into her marital world, and also give her heartwarming memories with her friends and the bridal party.






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