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Our Week in Pictures (week 6)

Well today Shelby is seven weeks old.  This week was wonderful! I see a huge change in Shelby this past week. From her sleeping more,to seeing an actual schedule starting I think she is finally adjusting to life outside the womb.

She also has started enjoying her baths. Instead of sitting through them screaming her head off she lays back and relaxes. She still does not like the top of her head washed but she tolerates her bath the best she can.

She now smiles a lot more and coos. As soon as she sees me in her sight she makes noises at me.

Monday and Tuesday we took the kids to Disneyland and Disney California Adventure and we all had a blast!

On Thursday I took her to the pediatrician (who I just love), to have her baby acne checked out. It’s just baby acne and maybe a small case of a rash from possibly too much detergent and her clothes needing an extra rinse. I even started washing all my tops in dreft since she is in my arms all day.

She was weighed and at 7 weeks is 12 pounds! The nurse assistant tried to measure her and got 24 inches. I need to double check that still at home.

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  1. glad to hear things are going great for you and Shelby! Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures!

  2. Awe. My Lila still does not like her head washed and she is 21 months. Maybe it’s the water or because of the soft spot they are sensitive? I was remember today the fluttery feeling when they kick inside… that’s the best.

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