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Our Week in Pictures (7 weeks)

Today Shelby is 8 weeks old! Every day I have noticed something new with her. This week was also much harder with her, she hardly wanted to sleep during the day, and as soon as I would lay her down she would wake up right away. But at the same time she is trying to self soothe more.

She smiles and coos more. On Thursday (7weeks5days) I noticed that she has started to figure out she has hands and has been sucking more on her fists and trying to look at her hand.

Yesterday on Friday, she would try to focus on her hands and cross her eyes.

On Tuesday she was weighted at my last postpartum visit and was 12 pounds even. So in 2 months she has gained 3 pounds exactly!

My big girls are doing great and adjusting well. Sarah is back to her normal sweet self and Sam is a wonderful “biggest” sister. She has her own special way of soothing her baby sister and I love it!

I am in love with her smile, her smell and the way she touches my heart every second of the day.

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  1. Your girls are so precious! SO many sweet years are ahead of you! I so miss my son being so little, and he is 25 weeks, so it was not that long ago!

  2. Mandy, sweet Shelby just looks so content. What a great job you are doing “gaining” her to 12 lbs…no secret mommy milk is doing her well! so nice to see the sweet pictures of the girls doting on her. They are all going to be sister-friends when grown…that is the most amazing part of having sisters.

  3. that is so nice of the ages of girls you have, you have two big helpers, lucky!

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