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Our Week in Pics (week 95 – Jan. 4th – 10th)

The first week of January went by so fast! We anticipated Sam’s 11th Birthday and then celebrated by taking her out to dinner to her Daddy’s restaurant!

Sarah wrote Sam an adorable birthday card and I have to say it’s one that will be saved in the scrapbooks! Gotta love eight year old sisters.

Shelby alo got a big girl bed and has started sleeping a few hours a night in it. She is also saying a lot of words, like “GG (great grandma), Nino, Papa, Mommy, dadda, Darah (Sarah), Mamfa (Samantha), ball, eat, lala (Dora and Tickety Toc are both lala), hi, bye, no, yeah, ok, here go (here you go), go (and pushes you where she wants you to go)

She tries singing her ABCs and counting to ten.

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