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Our week in pics (week 31)

This past week Shelby cut tooth 3 and 4! I also noticed that she can go from laying down to sitting up on her own. She also now crawls on all fours!

The scary thing is she tries to pull her self up! Whew! She is one BUSY girl!! she loves to play and talk. I have been teaching her to give kisses.

I weighed Shelby this morning naked and got 17 lbs.

Sam and Sarah are busy playing outside with their friends and just having fun! Sam is enjoying being in Choir and Sarah is so excited about Girl Scouts.

We had parent teacher conference with Sarah’s teacher and Sarah is thriving!

We are enjoying some cooler weather finally!

Video of October so far and some videos!

Make a video – it’s fun, easy and free!



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  1. I love seeing pictures of the girls! Have been busy and not “in” for a while, Shelby is just growing so fast! What a wonderful family…

  2. Sounds like a busy week! Around week 31, they start to do so much. My son got a lot of teeth around that time too.

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