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No Sticky Mess is too Big for the Scotch-Brite Clean Curve Dishwand #ScotchBrite *Giveaway closed*

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Winter is here and that means we are cooking a lot more hearty meals, from casseroles to lasagna even tasty desserts, the entire family is having fun creating tasty treats in the kitchen.

But with lasagnas and casseroles that means you are left with some sticky pans/dishes to clean.  We put the Scotch-Brite Clean Curve Dishwand to the test to see just how it would handle some over night caked on lasagna dishes!

We made a cheesey veggie lasagna and instead of washing the baking dish that night we let it sit out over night just to see how the dishwand would work.




I added a little water into the baking dish and started scrubbing….


I love the curve front of the Dishwand! It makes cleaning those corners so much easier!


Less than three minutes later a nice and clean baking dish!


I also used the Scotch-Brite Clean Curve Dishwand on our over cheese crusted pizza pan.


Took that crusty cheese off like it was nothing!


Overall I was pleased with the Scotch-Brite Clean Curve Dishwand and plan to continue to use it. Especially this Holiday Season with all my sticky baking messes coming up!

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*A product was provided.

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  1. I like to Broil filet mignon this is a rare treat, it makes the top of my oven all yucky and I hate to clean around the heating element.

  2. King Ranch Chicken–oooey gooey Tex Mex cheesy goodness…and a real pain to clean up.

  3. The pan I make lasagna in is always hard to clean, I would love to have one of these scrubbers for it.

  4. My mom’s brisket has an impossible to remove orangey-film from the tomato sauce! This would be perfect 🙂

  5. The lasagna is so great, but, oh what a nasty pan to try to soak, resoak, scrape and finally get clean…

  6. I love putting a few chicken breasts, or pork chops, in a crockpot with cream of mushroom soup to cook all day. It’s delicious, but boy does it suck to clean that ring of crust that was baking on the edge of the crockpot all day!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  7. I make a chicken and broccoli casserole with breadcrumbs, and the breadcrumbs cake onto the side of the pan. I would need a scotch brite dishwand to clean! 😉

  8. It would definitely by my oven-baked Lasagna. It creates so much mess I avoid making it unless we are super-craving it.

  9. This is a popular answer here on this board, but lasagna really does take a lot of scrubbing. I know from many years of experience!

  10. baked ziti or lasagna, especially if there is a leftover dish that goes in the frig overnight..always a nightmare to clean!

  11. I make oven roasted chicken and vegetables in pasta sauce which always comes out messy! or anything egg related

  12. My favorite recipe that is inspired by Scoth-Brite is my teriyaki chicken. It is wonderful but the pan is always terrible to clean.

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