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Nintendo Wii U Game & Wario

game and warioWario™ and his crazed team of developers are bringing you creative new ways to play with your Wii U™ GamePad controller!

In Game & Wario™, you’ll shield yourself from suction-cup arrows, avoid detection as a sneaky thief, and share in the WarioWare™ fun with your friends and family in an experience you won’t find anywhere else! Discover an astounding variety of unusual games that stretch the boundaries of your gaming imagination as you use the GamePad as a dance floor for a competitive dance-off, or fire arrows at invading armies of robots and aliens.

There are 16 games in all!

One of the first games you play is Arrow, once you unlock it you can start playing more games!

Arrow is  well a shooting arrow game! Through the GamePad you shoot the arrows and if the enemies get too close then you have to crush them on the GamePad. So you are using two screens at once!

Hold the GamePad vertically. Draw back the arrow on the touchscreen, face the GamePad in the direction you want to shoot, and release your finger to release the arrow.

Nintendo Wii U  Game  Wario

Wield the Wii U GamePad in wild new ways, from skiing down the slopes in a slalom race to snapping photos of suspected felons hidden in high-rises on busy city streets.


Games include:

  • Arrow –  Take out enemies with arrows shaped like Wario’s nose. You can even make them sneeze with pepper for a big explosion. But get ready…there’s a tough boss at the end of every stage.
  • Shutter – Find five targets in a crowd of characters and take their photos. You’ll get points based on the quality of your photos, and you’ll even earn bonuses for capturing rare creatures on film.
  • Ski – Guide Jimmy through all kinds of obstacles and jumps. He’ll even do special trick moves if you time things just right.
  • Patchwork – Fit puzzle pieces of felt into a pattern. See how many different creations you can complete.
  • Kung Fu – Use the GamePad to figure out where to land as you guide Young Cricket from platform to platform. But don’t let his stomach get too empty or he might not make it all the way to Master Mantis.
  • Sketch – One player looks at the clue and draws it on the GamePad. The other players look at the picture on the TV and try to guess what it is. Players get points for the number of pictures drawn and the number of correct guesses.
  • Disco (2 players) – Compete to see who can keep the beat. The first player will create a rhythm that the second player has to try to recreate—or give up points. The player with the highest total wins.
  • Pirates – Follow Captain Wario’s orders to stop the arrows that are flying at you from all directions. Really get into it by moving to the beat.
  • Gamer – Night after night, a young gamer named 9-Volt stays up late to play his favorite game in bed. But his mom is always on the lookout.
  • Design – Draw exactly what the Doctor tells you, down to the millimeter. The better your drawing, the better the quality of your complete robot. You can even compete against another player.
  • Taxi – Dribble and Spitz’s job is to drive passengers to their destinations. But when invaders from space attack and try to abduct their passengers, they’ve got to take down the UFOs.
  • Islands – Shoot Fronks toward an island target for points. Knock away your opponents’ Fronks to decrease their points and boost your own.
  • Ahley – Guide Ashley on her flying broom through stages made of sweets. Watch out for walls or Ashley will lose her temper.
  • Bowling – Knock down as many pins as you can with a single bowling ball. Aim for a high score across ten frames—either alone or by taking turns with an opponent.
  • Fruit – One player uses the GamePad to be the thief, while the other players take on the role of Agents trying to spot the lawbreaker in the crowd on the TV screen.
  • MiiVerse Sketch – Submit your drawings to the Miiverse Sketch Artwork Community and see what others have submitted. You can even share your ideas for subjects that players have to draw in Sketch.
  • Click-A-Pop – Use your hard-won tokens in the chicken machine to get one of more than 200 in-game prizes, games, and tips
  • ??? (We haven’t gotten this far in unlocking the games so stay tuned)

Game  Wario

Some of the games require you to play the game through the GamePad, but we others can watch on the TV. I really love how you play the games with both screens. it makes for  fun games for everyone!

My personal favorite is Design, I like how we have to judge blindly drawing inches. It’s also a great way for kids to learn how long a 2 inch line is. Sam has fun trying to figure out the right length.

Sam has been going back to each of the games we have already unlocked and trying to get “Master” on them.

When you get those high scores you can earn medals, collect prizes, and unlock frantic new games to unleash the full power of your GamePad in Wario & friends’ most masterful masterpiece yet—and you’ll only find it on Wii U!

Game & Wario will be released tomorrow June 23rd and you can order it now through Nintendo or download it onto your console through Nintendo eShop right from your console!

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