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Ninja Master Prep

Growing up I loved to bake. My aunt would let me bake with her all the time and I always enjoyed it. I married a Chef so cooking and baking is a big part of our life. When Hubby is home we spend a ton of time together in the kitchen. He loves t teach me easy and healthy meals to make at home, and I of course want to learn!

We also get our kids into the kitchen whenever we can! Who knows maybe one day we will have another little chef in the family.

If were not in the kitchen cooking were watching The Food Network Channel. We love watching Iron Chef and of course Good Eats! Who doesn’t love those shows? Robin Miller from the Food Network will be in NYC for a wonderful blogger event later this month and I am so excited to be apart of the event. Robin will showcase her tastiest recipes with some of the newest tools any cooking enthusiast would love to have. She will also be demonstrating the Ninja.

Euro-Pro, manufacturer of innovative home appliances that make daily life easier, is introducing the Ninja Master Prep, a powerful kitchen helper that will enable anyone to rule the kitchen. The Ninja Mater Prep transforms everyday ingredients into delectable drinks, snacks and meals with Ninja technology that turns chunks of ice into snow instantaneously and evenly chops an onion in seconds. Offering the speed and accuracy of professional grade products, the Master Prep can chop, blend, mince, dice or puree with refinement allowing for hassle-free entertaining or quick and delicious snacks.

The Master Prep’s Ninja Technology sets a new precedent in the kitchen appliance market by chopping food or blending drinks with a uniform consistency and without turning food into mush. With both a 48 oz. pitcher and 2-cup bowl that feature splash guards and slip resistant bottoms, this all-in-one versatile appliance takes the place of bulky food processors and blenders that are difficult to store and clean. Custom-fit storage lids and dishwasher-safe parts let the home cook move seamlessly from food prep to cleanup.

“Most blenders are unable to provide creamy, restaurant style frozen drinks,” says Mark Rosenzweig, CEO of Euro-Pro. “The Ninja Master Prep is one simple-to-use product that has a revolutionary ice crushing capability that allows you to do things that other appliances simply can’t match. It outperforms any other blender, mixer or combination appliance in the industry and best of all it is at an affordable price.”

The Ninja Technology has unique processing power for consistent cutting and ice-crushing action. Whether making fresh salsa, bread crumbs or frozen drinks, the quick-cutting blades and powerful interchangeable motor head allow for excellent results. Allowing users to quickly switch between the food processor bowl and blender pitcher, the ergonomic design with one touch pulsing creates an easy-to-use product.

The Ninja Master Prep has a retail price of $49.99 and will be available in select stores beginning in mid-September.

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  1. Does anyone have this or have used it? I am thinking about getting one. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’m pregnant, and the shake looks so good 🙂

  2. I took home one today from Sams club. Used it to make chicken salad with onion and green onion. It took less then 3 pushes of 5 seconds to get a great chicken salad. The small bowl is perfect for me to chop what i need such as onions,ice or whatever since I’m a one person home. The large container while nice is unlikely to use other then for fresh fruit drinks. It is a solid product for my needs.

  3. I have had mine for about 2 months and just love it. I have a drink I’ll call Mango Splash. Use the smaller mixer container. Place in 5 ice cubes. Then fill in around the cubes with Langers Mongo Mango Juice. Add 4 or five peach slices. Then ad a table spoon of plain yogart. Just before blending add one or two strawberries. The pulse untill smooth a creamy. Its oh so good.

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