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New toys! Pinkie Cooper

*Disclosure: I am a “Pinkie Cooper and The Jet Set Pets” Blog Ambassador. I received monetary compensation and Pinkie Cooper products in exchange for participating in the program. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Pinkie Cooper (3)

We recently saw commercials for the new Toy Line Pinkie Cooper and my girls instantly fell in love with the Pinkie Cooper and the Jet Set Pets  Runway Collection Dolls.

Join Pinkie Cooper and the Jet Set Pets as they make looking fab an international adventure! Everywhere they go, Pinkie looks for all the hottest trends, Ginger finds inspiration for her designs, and Pepper picks just the right playlist.

When Pinkie and her friends return home from their adventures, they’ve always got suitcases bulging with great fashion finds and minds brimming with inspiration. Wherever they go, these girls – and their pets – know nothing looks better than friends together!

When we received the Doll Collection and the cute L’il Pinkie Dog, all three of my girls were beyond excited. They love their dolls so I knew they would be thrilled with these new Dolls.

Pinkie Cooper (4)

The girls received Pinkie Cooper, Pepper Parson  and Ginger Jones. Each Doll includes a hair brush, purse and pair of shoes.  Girls will also love that the Doll’s hair is reversible. Kids can choose which color of hair they want on top/bottom. It’s a fun feature that allows the kids to give their dolls a new look. You can also purchase other outfits and hair styles for the Dolls too!

Pinkie Cooper (1)

In fact if your kids wanted to switch the hair from Doll to Doll they can! With all the accessories and outfits your kids will have fun for hours!

To go along with the adorable Dolls Pinkie Cooper also has a great selection of webisodes on their Youtube Channel. You can subscribe to the webisodes as well, so you will know when new shows are released.

You can also find Pinkie Cooper on Facebook and Twitter. By following them you can stay up to date on promotions, product release and other fun news!
*Disclosure: I am a “Pinkie Cooper and The Jet Set Pets” Blog Ambassador. I received monetary compensation and Pinkie Cooper products in exchange for participating in the program. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. I had never seen these before. Wonder if my granddaughters have. They look really cute and I know they love brushing their dolls hair so this they would really like

  2. These are so cute.. Ilove that they have trendy styles and long hair for girls to brush. I am almost positive my niece has the one that is white. And she takes it with her wherever she goes. My granddaughter isn’t old enough for these yet, so my only exposure is from reviews and nieces and nephews when it comes to toys like this.

  3. These are so cute. I haven’t seen them before. Looks like a toy my daughter would love! Thanks for the review!

  4. My daughter saw a commercial for these the other night, and said they were so cute! I’m sure they’ll be on her Christmas list this year.

  5. Im with some of the other commenters who think these are a little odd looking. Pet heads on barbie bodies is something my little would of done to my dolls as a kid lol. I can see how kids would like them but they are so not my thing!

  6. These are certainly interesting toys. They combine 2 things that girls love pets and dolls. I like the interchangeable hair feature.

  7. Have not seen these before but I have a house full of boys. They definitely seem like something my nieces would love to play with.

  8. These dolls called Pinkie Cooper look so cute and would be a great gift to give my niece for the Holidays! I really like the design of the doll.

  9. OK I’ll admit I don’t get the attraction with these. I grew up a Barbie girl, so a dog head on a human body doesn’t do it for me. That said I don’t have a little girl so these might be all the rage.

  10. Am I the only one who thinks these are freaky?! The dog head on a feminine body is just weird. The things they come up with! 🙂

  11. These are too cute ! I can definitely see my daughters wanting one of these and will be checking into them for Christmas.


  12. I’ve never seen these dolls before, they look a little weird. Are these dog face dolls. I just don’t see too many little girls wanting to play with them.

  13. My step daughter would love these. I have never heard of them before. I will make sure that she watches the webisodes since they seem age appropriate.

  14. Oh my gosh, those are ridiculously cute! My daughter would have a cow if she saw those, trying to get me to buy one for her!

  15. These dolls are really cute and I like the colors and these would be so nice to give to my niece for Christmas. She would love a Pinkie Cooper!

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