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New items from Gerber Graduates

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Now that Shelby is eating table food we have been on the lookout for the perfect products that make mealtime easier for us. I was really happy when we received the Gerber® Graduates® Advance Developmental Cups Easy Straw, Gerber® Graduates® PlateMat™,and Gerber® Graduates® toddler snacker.

These new items from Gerber Graduates are must haves for all families with toddlers!

Gerber® Graduates® offers a full line of BPA-free tableware that helps parents teach toddlers how to feed independently which fosters independence and self feeding.  Gerber® Graduates® utensils and tableware are designed with little hands in mind.  The bowls and plates are thoughtfully engineered to meet the development skill level of your little one.

We received a few of the new products and we have been using them every time we are out and about.

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Gerber® Graduates® Toddler Snacker (MSRP: $7.97)


Each container holds a toddler sized snack portion. The containers are stackable for easy storage and they fit most cup holders. A removable ice pack fits perfect inside the lid, keeping food chilled and fresh longer. Includes a set of 3 containers that are dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, and freezer-safe.

  • Set of three interlocking containers with lids are perfectly sized for toddler snacks
  • 100% spill-proof containers fit most cup holders
  • Perfect for parents on the go!

Gerber® Graduates® PlateMat™ (MSRP: $7.47)

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The PlateMat quickly became a must have product for us and Shelby. When we are on the go it folds/rolls up and fits easily in the diaper bag. It takes up barely any room and it lays flat on tables. For us Shelby is still too little to have plates so the PlateMat makes the perfect plate for us. Eventually it can become her placemat.

  • Use as a plate or as a placemat
  •  A safe, clean eating surface anytime, anywhere
  • Rolls up for on the go but always lays flat

Gerber® Graduates® Advance Developmental Cups Easy Straw (MSRP: $5.47)

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Shelby loves straw cups. it seems they are the only kind she likes. The straw has a wider top that makes it easier for toddlers to learn to use a straw vup. It also features Seal Zone Technology, a unique closing system that ensures the cup is 100% leak-proof, spill-proof, and break-proof, guaranteed. This was the first thing I wanted to see and I love how when Shelby flips the cup over we get no leaks! It makes a great cup for the car.  The cup is insulated as well! This keeps drinks cold longer!
  • Seal Zone™ Technology  – 100% leak-proof, spill-proof, break-proof guaranteed
  • Unique straw shape encourages healthy oral development
  • Insulated to keep drinks cool longer

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