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My Slimfast® 14-Day Challenge Wrap-up #SlimFastChallenge

*I was provided products for my two week challenge and also compensated for my time.


Two weeks went incredibly fast! For the past few weeks I have been taking part of the Slimfast® 14-Day Challenge where I replaced my breakfast and lunch with Slim Fast Products.

I really enjoyed the Slim-Fast 3-2-1 Plan. I had the the Rich Chocolate Royale for brekfast and an afternoon snack of the tasty Slim-Fast Snack Bars 6 Pack Double Chocolate.


I replaced my lunch with the Slim-Fast 3-2-1 Plan Meal Bars Chocolate Brownie


At first I thought I was going to feel hungry all the time but I didn’t. The meal bars and shakes kept me full all day until dinner time. I worked hard at selecting tasty and healthy dinners.

Where I ran into trouble was late at night. I am talking at 9pm sometimes later, I am a night owl and that is when I would always find myself wanting to snack.  What I did learn is that instead of turning to junk snacks to eat some veggies or some fruit.

The only issue I had with the Slim Fast Challenge is the amount of chocolate it contained. I should have switched to the Vanilla or Strawberry Shakes because I found I started breaking out like crazy!  The picture below is on day five of the Challenge and also Day five of my Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred (so much fun!!)


Overall I lost 4 pounds which is right on track with my two pound weekly weight loss to reach my goal!

I do plan to continue to change out my breakfast with a shake but I plan to try a different flavor!


*I was provided products for my two week challenge and also compensated for my time.

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