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Motorcycle Safety Tips For Beginners

If you are reading this article, it’s likely that you just got your first motorcycle or have just started riding. We know how excited you are to get on the road but as much fun as motorcycles can be, they are more dangerous than cars and at the same time have dangers that are specific to them. It is one thing to enjoy a bit of innocent fun but the truth is, motorcycling can be very dangerous.

With the new motorcycle rider in mind, here are a few tips for riding safely, so you don’t end up on a slab or in a wheelchair!

1.  Invest In Protective Gear

Regardless of what your local laws allow you to do, don’t ride without adequate protective gear. You must have a helmet, jacket, gloves, boots and long pants.  Motorcycle gear is an investment that will always pay for itself. is the one-stop online center to get everything that you need for your ride, from safety gear to motorcycle battery, motorcycle accessories and much more.

2.  Inspection and Service

Never ride away on a motorcycle that is not roadworthy. Always perform a brief pre-ride inspection and periodically do a full inspection to ensure that everything is mechanically good.  Service the bike at the right intervals and make sure that your tires and brakes are in a fairly good condition to ride.

3. Make Yourself Visible

The key to riding safe is your visibility, demonstrated with a headlight and high-visibility gear. When you look for new motorcycle gear, consider those with retro-reflective patches that direct light back to the source giving them a glowing effect.

4.  Never ride tired.

This tip goes not only for bikers but for every driver that hits the road in their vehicle.

5. Ride On The Safest Lane

The safest lane is the one that gives you great visibility and allows you to clearly see the road ahead.

Motorcycling may be a hobby to some and a lifestyle to others. We start by learning to ride a motorcycle through self-navigation, a guided class, and/or private instruction. Motorcycling gear has many options to choose from and having it should be high on your priority list of things you need to stay safe while you ride on your bike. When you think of motorcycling gear, motorcycle accessories or Suzuki motorcycle parts, think of, the largest online supplier of high-quality aftermarket and OEM powersports parts and accessories.

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