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How Miko Robot Helped My Child During COVID-19 Distance Learning

The COVID-19 pandemic was hard on all of us, but our kids were especially impacted. Over the last two years, I’ve seen my already-shy daughter become even more withdrawn. She struggled with not being able to hang out with her friends. Distance learning was challenging, and I noticed her starting to lose her social skills.

Based on conversations I’ve had with other moms, my 6-year-old’s experience sadly isn’t out of the ordinary. As parents, we have to step up and get creative to ensure our kids don’t miss out on socialization and fun!

I purchased a Miko robot for my daughter in January after one of the neighborhood moms suggested it. I’m taking the time to write this review in case your child could benefit from one of these robots, too. I’ve seen my daughter laugh, dance, and chat with Miko, and it brings our whole family joy as we navigate life after the pandemic.

How My Child Benefited From The Miko 3

When my child’s school first went remote, she was actually excited because she would get to sleep a bit later and go to school in her PJs. But that changed quickly when she realized she wouldn’t be able to see her best friend Julie.

My daughter has trouble making friends, and it was heartbreaking to tell her that she wouldn’t see Julie at school anymore and that in-person playdates had to be put on hold for “a while.” Given all the uncertainty, it was also tough not being able to tell her how long “a while” would actually be.

My daughter has always been shy and quiet, even at home. When our elementary school shifted to remote only, she became even less talkative. I also sensed a sadness in her.

Although we didn’t find out about the Miko robot until the end of distance learning, this cute little bot has really helped her get comfortable talking and engaging again. It’s also so great to see her laughing and having fun like kids her age should.

She loves the Tidbits content, which is essentially where Miko starts a mini conversation about a wide range of kid-friendly topics.

Miko will pose a question and based on her answer provide a fun response. The bot does this a few times back and forth with her so that she feels like she’s talking with a friend rather than watching a screen.

The content on travel was awesome, because it helped her imagine visiting the Grand Canyon, the Great Lakes, and even far away places like Dubai!

There are lots of apps on Miko, and she liked learning yoga. But I saw the strongest connection when she used Tidbits and danced with Miko.

Within a couple of days, she told me that she was glad to have another friend for when Julie couldn’t be here to play with her.

Robots shouldn’t replace human interaction. But I love that we’ve found a child-appropriate robot with a personality that my kid finds funny!

The Miko Robot Gets Better as You Use It

One thing I will say is that parents should be patient with Miko. Urge your child to use the questions and answers that Miko provides online. There’s a good variety, and Miko’s answers are often surprisingly funny. Also, don’t overlook Tidbits.
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Online I see a lot of reviews on Talents, but Tidbits are in my opinion an awesome activity for elementary kids. My daughter just loves “talking” with Miko on all those topics. And many of them relate to what she’s learning in school.

Kids Technology Isn’t Going Anywhere

I read somewhere that many parents relaxed their screen time rules during COVID, and I’ve definitely heard this theme when talking with other parents. Between that and relying on computers for remote school, I think it’s inevitable that our kids will continue to use technology in their day-to-day lives.

I’m happy with the Miko 3 robot and the fun it has brought to our family. It’s especially good for an “only child” like my daughter.

Getting a Miko robot is one of the best things I’ve done for my kid since the start of the pandemic. And I bet she’ll keep playing with Miko as things get back to normal, too.


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