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Meet The Moodsters Mirror

Moodster Mirror

The Moodsters, five lovable little detectives (Coz, Lolly, Snorf, Razzy and Quigly), come to the rescue whenever their friends, Zach and Zoey, have a feelings emergency. The stories and toys teach simple strategies to build social and emotional intelligence skills in young children. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is defined as the ability to identify and manage one’s own emotions as well as the emotions of others. Decades of scientific research has shown that children with EQ skills are better able to manage their thoughts, feelings and behavior.

“Around the age of two, children start rapidly developing a vocabulary for their feelings,” said Denise Daniels. “It is important to teach children emotional intelligence (EQ) skills at an early age, so they have the necessary tools to manage the emotional ups and downs of everyday life.”

Moodster Mirror™- an electronic mirror with character voices to help kids recognize their feelings and non-verbal cues, which is a key EQ skill. “A Time to Be Kind” storybook. Zach and his best friend, Sam, love to ride their bikes together. But when something terrible happens to Sam’s bike, Zach has a tough decision to make. With a little help from The Moodsters, Zach learns how kindness can make things right in this heartwarming story that explores the true meaning of friendship.


The Moodsters integrates an EQ curriculum developed by Marc Brackett, Ph.D., of The Yale Center for Emotional Development. According to Dr. Brackett, “research shows that children who learn emotional intelligence skills have less anxiety and depression; have fewer attention, learning, and behavior problems; are better problem-solvers; display greater social and leadership skills; and perform better academically.”


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