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Making Birthdays Special In Lockdown

Lockdown rules may have eased slightly, and things are looking up for the future, we are still all limited to see one other person outdoors and aren’t allowed to celebrate birthdays in the traditional way. Many people have already celebrated birthdays in lockdown, and while it might sound a little sad, it has become a way for people to become creative with thinking about ways to celebrate and make them special.

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Let’s have a look at some of the ways people have been celebrating birthdays during the lockdown:

Build A Care Package

When it comes to sending gifts there is an abundance of options. One of the nicest gifts you could send is a care package as you can personalize it to each individual. It’s also a nice touch that it requires a little bit of thought. Fill a box with some of their favourite gifts and some birthday well wishes. Don’t worry if you are working to a budget you could utilize things like a Fragrance Direct promo code or get small gifts that add up to one big gift. You could even collect gifts from all of their friends and family and put them together in one big hamper and surprise.

Send A Personalised Gift

Although you can’t go out to a shop and buy a gift you can still order them online. A lot of places online are now offering a service where you can order items as gifts and have them delivered already wrapped to your loved ones. You could also have a bunch of flowers or a personalised gift delivered them, just bear in mind that the delivery time frames may be a little out of whack at the moment so you might need to order well in advance.

Decorate Your Home

Just because you’re spending your birthday at home, doesn’t mean you can’t have a celebration. Why don’t you decorate your home with all the finishing touches like bunting, balloons, banners, and party poppers? You could even arrange a table with table clothes, party hats and an array of party food. If you have an outdoor space you could create a makeshift holiday zone with some towels, a few bevvies, a barbeque, and some music. You could even arrange a video call with your friends and family and have them join in the celebrations.

Host A Digital Girls Night

Just because you can’t have your friends and family around doesn’t mean you aren’t able to celebrate as a big group. Why not arrange a gathering of all your or their close friends on zoom, send out an invitation that says it’s an occasion to dress up for. You could then all play games online, have quizzes, listen to music, and enjoy a few drinks in the comfort and safety of your own home. Sync up to play the same playlist and have a bit of a boogie to make it feel like a proper night out. Once all of this has eased a little you may be able to recreate it one big night out.

These are just a few of the ways you could make a birthday special in lockdown, there are others too. Are you going to be planning a lockdown birthday? What are your plans? Please share them in the comments below.


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